Grenell on the possibility of a land swap: Fake news

Ričard Grenel
Foto: Danas

US Ambassador to Germany and Donald Trump’s special envoy for Kosovo-Serbia talks, Richard Grenell reacted today to the EUobserver’s news platform that the US is still open to a Kosovo-Serbia land swap.

“Fake news. And you never called or wrote to ask. I am for what the parties agree to – I’m focused on economic development, not politics,” Grenell wrote on Twitter regarding the article published by the EUobserver.

In the article in question, the EUobserver wrote that “the US has declined to rule out a land swap between Kosovo and Serbia – despite German opposition to the idea.”
„It’s up to the parties to establish the parameters of the dialogue,“ the US special envoy for the Western Balkans, Matthew Palmer, told the EUobserver in Brussels on Monday when asked about the controversial plan.

„What we support are the parties finding a way to return to the negotiating table, putting the issues of concern on the negotiating table, and finding a path toward the normalisation of their relationship, ideally with mutual recognition as the centrepiece,“ he added.

„We’d like to see mutual recognition between Serbia and Kosovo as the outcome of the [negotiation] process,“ he also said.

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