New graffiti in the north: „When the army returns to Kosovo, the Northern Brigade lives“

Graffiti with the inscription „When the army returns to Kosovo, the Northern Brigade lives“ has been sprayed in several towns in the north of Kosovo this morning.

A day before the „public rally“ announced by pensioners and supported by Srpska Lista, and a day after the Delije fan club displayed the slogan „State, protect Serbs from Kosovo“ in Belgrade, new Northern Brigade graffiti appeared in North Mitrovica.

The message „When the army returns to Kosovo… the Northern Brigade lives“ was spray painted on the wall of a residential building downtown.

The messages are written in red and blue.

According to media reports, the same graffiti also appeared in Zvecan, Leposavic and Zubin Potok.

Graffiti with similar content has been painted on the streets of North Mitrovica, as well as other municipalities in the North of Kosovo, for years now.

In the middle of 2022, the message „No surrender – KM remains“ first appeared, followed a month later by „Don’t worry, we’re here – Northern Brigade“.

In the meantime, the slogan „When the army returns to Kosovo“ was brought to the fore by Red Star fans at the end of July last year, after which this message was shared throughout Serbia and the region, including the north of Kosovo.

At the end of September in Banjska, after a Kosovo policeman was killed in an ambush, the Kosovo police shot dead three local Serbs, who were part of an armed uniformed group under the command of Milan Radoičić. On that occasion, an arsenal of military weapons from Serbia and equipment worth five million euros were seized, along with documents and recordings of alleged exercises from military training grounds in Serbia. President Vučić then emphasized that the group was comprised solely of Serbs from Kosovo. Pristina then declared the Northern Brigade and the Civil Protection as terrorist organizations.

The graffiti had conspicuously ceased appearing since autumn until now. In the meantime, the Banjska events took place.

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