Goran Rakic to KoSSev: You get what you deserve

I thought you had a more serious question. You get what you deserve – reads the response of the minister in the Kosovo government and Srpska Lista chief, Goran Rakic to the KoSSev portal editor in chief’s inquiry as to why and when SL will stop selectively informing the public and discriminating against the journalists of our portal.

Srpska Lista organized a press conference this afternoon, part of which was broadcast live by some Belgrade-based media outlets.

The conference was held by a minister in the Kosovo government and Srpska Lista chief, Goran Rakic, in the presence of three mayors and a candidate for mayor of Zvecan.

Once more, the KoSSev portal did not receive an invitation to this conference, even though the press conference hall in the premises of the Kosovo Office in North Mitrovica where the SL conference was held was jam-packed today.

„I don’t think it’s the time for this. I thought you had a more specific question. I don’t think it’s time for this today. That is such a benign thing, I mean, it’s not benign, I truly apologize, but it’s not the time to discuss it. We’ll talk about it some other time. I thought you had a specific question,“ Rakic said.

Although the SL chief underscored that he does not know why KoSSev had not been informed about the conference and that he would answer our question, Rakic still stressed that the press conference was over.

„Let me say it again, everyone gets as much as they deserve. All these people here have been informed. I don’t know why you weren’t. There is probably some counter-argument as to why they are not informing you. Ask yourself why they are not informing you. Did you ask yourself that question, why are they not informing you?!“ Rakic stated.

Keeping in mind that the electoral silence is underway, we will publish the content of this conference, i.e. the questions we asked and the answers we received, when the electoral silence ends, i.e. when voting comes to an end.

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