Gervala confirms tour of Presevo and Bujanovac

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Although the Kosovo Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed yesterday that Belgrade barred the head of Kosovo’s diplomacy, Donika Gervala Schwartz, from visiting Serbia, Gervala herself confirmed today that she would be traveling to Presevo and Bujanovac to visit Albanian political parties and students.

In a Facebook post, Gervala confirmed that she would be traveling to Bujanovac first, together with Professor Rexhep Gjergjini, where she will meet with the mayor Nagip Arifi.

Gervala added that she would visit Presevo during the day, where she would meet with Mayor Ardit Sinani, as well as hold meetings with councilors and representatives of Albanian political parties and students.

„I will soon go on my first visit to Presevo – a day late. I feel very privileged to visit the institutional representatives and citizens of the municipalities in Presevo on behalf of the Government of Kosovo and to talk and see up close how we can deepen our cooperation,“ she wrote.

Gervala’s confirmation arrives just a day after Belgrade and Pristina exchanged a series of denials concerning the visits of their officials.

The head of the Kosovo Office, Petar Petkovic, was turned back from Jarinje yesterday morning after being denied entry into Kosovo by Pristina – the sixth in a row, while Belgrade also declared that they approved the visit of an Albin Kurti cabinet member yesterday.

Pristina, however, soon denied the news, saying that Kosovo’s foreign minister, Donika Gervala, was actually barred from visiting Presevo.

In turn, Belgrade quickly denied Pristina’s allegations. As evidence, they shared a screenshot of an e-mail showing the Pristina liaison officer thanking his Belgrade counterpart for the approval of the notification on Gervala’s visit.

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