Gajic: Trump and the Kremlin know very well who they are dealing with, Vucic and Thaci – “guys from the other team”

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The Trump administration and the Kremlin have a mutual understanding on the issue of Kosovo and other world issues. No step will be taken in Washington on June 27th which could lead towards the separation of Kosovo from Serbia, a research associate at the Belgrade Institute for European Studies, Stevan Gajic, who holds a Ph.D. in Political Science, told the Novorusija news agency.

According to Gajic, after Sergey Lavrov’s Belgrade visit, Vucic can no longer continue his agreement with NATO on Kosovo. If Russia does not agree with changes to the UNSC Resolution 1244, then any attempt of Vucic to agree with NATO or Hashim Thaci on surrendering Kosovo will not pass, claimed Gajic.

He recalled that earlier this week, at a joint press conference with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Vucic said that Belgrade would not recognize Kosovo’s independence in exchange for membership of the EU, adding that, only a day earlier, the Serbian President allowed the possibility of a compromise on Kosovo which the Serb government would allegedly be forced to accept under pressure from the EU and the US.

Gajic stated that Vucic could not say anything else to Lavrov, because „if Vucic had openly said something against Russia, in the face of Russia even, he would lose his voters and his party would fall apart.“

The fact that Vucic said one thing yesterday and is now saying something else perfectly corresponds to his manner of behavior. There is nothing unusual going on here. Lately, he has been frequently saying that very difficult days will come. Yes, hard days are coming – not for Serbs but him, Vucic can no longer meet the expectations of those forces thanks to how he came to power, Gajic added.

These are Vucic’s efforts to change the constitution because Kosovo is an integral part of Serbia in the constitution’s preamble, but now he will not be allowed to do so – he underlined.

Talks about changing the constitution are taking place under various pretexts: the need to reduce the number of deputies, or changes in health care, education, etc. In fact, the most important thing for Vucic is removing Kosovo from the Constitution.

On the other hand, according to Gajic, Lavrov’s visit proved to be a „victory“ for Serbian Foreign Minister, Ivica Dacic because he will remain in that position despite the announcements.But he now won’t be allowed to do so Gajic recalled that the constitution stipulates criminal responsibility „for betraying the state or secession of its part“.

While Vucic looked very serious and worried while standing next to Lavrov, Dacic was all smiles, he gave a guitar to his Russian colleague and Lavrov gifted him a microphone. Dacic even referred to Lavrov as his brother.

Gajic also shared his belief that Moscow will not come into direct confrontation with Vucic, noting: „There are other mechanisms to defend their interests and the interests of the Serbian people.“

Ahead of Vucic’s upcoming visit to Moscow on June 24th, and then the announced meeting in Washington on June 27th, Gajic estimated that there is „a certain understanding between the Kremlin and the Trump administration regarding the issue of Kosovo.“

On the other hand, EU leaders – Merkel and Macron, whom Gajic referred to as „Atlanticist forces“, show dissatisfaction. In Gajic’s words, Thaci and Vucic are the guys from that other team who are afraid of Trump because of it.

Thaci and Vucic – as surprising as it is for the viewers of Russian federal television channels, they are absolute Atlanticists and that is why they are afraid of Trump.

According to Gajic, Trump and the Kremlin „understand very well who they are dealing with”:

„Thaci was a terrorist. His people erected monuments to Bill and Hillary Clinton in Pristina, named the boulevard after him, and even gave a street to Biden’s late son. That’s why I don’t think they will be welcomed as friends in the White House. Of course, everything will look nice and beautiful there, but the most important thing is that a irreversible decision on Kosovo will not be made there. In that sense, Lavrov’s visit is a wonderful relief for Serbian patriots,“ he added.

„Kosovo is the ‘babe’ of the Clinton administration. The child born out of the bombing of Serbia, initiated by Bill Clinton’s administration.”

Gajic added that at the same time Trump is „ruining the policy of the Clintons and Obama“, while also warning that after Iran, the Middle East, Trump will do the same with Kosovo.

He argued that Putin and Trump are „the most popular leaders in Serbia.“

„Putin, because we see Russia as a protector and we love when Russia is strong. And Trump because he beat Hillary Clinton. And for us, she is a symbol of the evil that killed us and that is still harming us in various ways.“

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