Footage of the alleged dog poisoners in Mitrovica has been published, the police are working on identification

Psi otrov Mitrovica Šetalište

The South Mitrovica-based Facebook page, „Jepi zë“, published a video last night from surveillance cameras from North Mitrovica that allegedly shows the persons who poisoned dogs on the North Mitrovica promenade.

Last night’s scene on the main promenade in North Mitrovica horrified many citizens of this northern town.

Four dogs, without any signs of life, were lined up next to each other along the edge of the asphalt. They were poisoned and died in agony.

Several citizens testified that two people gave hot dogs to the stray animals, after which the dogs died. The police officers who came to the scene confirmed for KoSSev that a case would be opened.

A bag with the remaining hot dog was also found.

Psi otrov Mitrovica Šetalište

In the meantime, a video from surveillance cameras was shared on „Jepi zë“ Facebook page, showing two young men, one of whom is carrying a bag and walking past the camera, while the other man is seen briefly staring at something behind the fence, out of where only a few seconds later a dog appears. The young man carrying the bag briefly reappears in the camera’s view, still carrying the bag. In the video’s description it is described as exclusive footage of people who poisoned dogs last night.

The deputy commander of the Kosovo Police for the region north, Veton Elshani, could could neither confirm nor deny that the police were in possession of this video. Elshani, however, did confirm that the police had already seen it and that the investigation is ongoing.

„We are now working on identifying the people in the video,“ said Elshani.

When asked if the police have footage from surveillance cameras of buildings in North Mitrovica that cover the areas where dogs have been poisoned so far, Elshani did not give a specific answer, confirming that this part is also included in the investigation.

The deputy commander of the police warned that this case is not only about poisoning animals, as there is also an increased risk to public health and human safety, given that the poison is dangerous for people as well, and spread in areas where people live. Children are at particular risk.

The promenade in North Mitrovica is a favorite spot for small children and their parents, as well as young people, along with playgrounds around schools, where the largest number of dogs have been poisoned.

Poisonings of stray animals, mostly dogs, has been an almost daily occurrence since the 3rd of March. According to data provided by the „Sapa“ Animal Protection Association, over 100 dogs have died in this period. Both pets and stray animals, who underwent sterilization and vaccination programs, have been poisoned.

As a result, the citizens of North Mitrovica often find the lifeless bodies of dead dogs on their streets, which is what occurred yesterday evening.

The poisoning continues even after the unprecedented wave of violence recorded in Serbia, with two mass murders of children in Serbia – during which 18 were persons killed, and around 20 were wounded, femicides, peer violence, and other murders.

Dogs poisoned on the N.Mitrovica promenade, witnesses claim two persons gave poisoned hot dogs to the stray animals

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