Final election results: Only members of Srpska Lista won seats in the Kosovo parliament

Srpska lista miting Srpska lista kampanja Goran Rakić

The Central Election Commission announced the final election results exactly one month after the seventh Kosovo parliamentary elections. As expected, the Self-Determination movement won with 26.15% of the votes cast.

Coalition NISMA-AKR-PD came under the threshold, garnering only 4.98% of the votes.

The LDK party took second place with 24.45% of the votes, while the PDK and AAK parties won 21.16% and 11.47% of the votes respectively.

Srpska Lista won 6.75% of the votes cast. The Srpska Lista candidate who won the highest number of votes (19,703) was the head of the Education Administration for Kosovo and Metohija within the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia, Jasmina Dedic. Dedic is followed by the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Welfare in the Kosovo government, Milos Perovic, with 17,276 votes and the head of the National Employment Service of the Republic Serbia for Kosovo and Metohija, Verica Ceranic, with 17,065 votes. Candidates from other political entities who joined Srpska Lista’s electoral list have not won a seat in parliament.

Based on the final results, LVV won 32 and LDK 29 seats in the Kosovo Parliament. These two political entities will be able to form the government by themselves. PDK, on ​​the other hand, won 25 seats and AAK 14.

Votes from over 800 polling stations were recounted, while the Appeals and Petitions Election Panel and the Supreme Court on counting votes from the diaspora received numerous appeals before the final results were announced.

The counting of votes was also marked with controversial media allegations of „poisoning“ of CEC officers by an unknown substance allegedly found in envelopes containing votes from Serbia. The official investigation into what caused the health issues of the CEC counting staff has not been finalized yet.



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