Partition is a fatal mistake: It requires an incident that at this moment no party can control

„The leadership in Belgrade will bear terrible pressure in the upcoming weeks, which Belgrade itself may have partially induced,“ said journalist Milivoje Mihajlovic. „First of all, Serbs in the North are under pressure. They have been in a cooking pot for years, and the cooking pot has been boiling this entire time,“ KoSSev editor Tatjana Lazarevic added, assessing that the Kosovo Serbian population has been collapsed for decades in recent history. They agreed that the partition of Kosovo would be devastating. Mihajlovic and Lazarevic talked on the „Right Angle“ (Pravi ugao) talk-show on RTV, hosted by Ljubica Gojgic. To watch the talk-show, click HERE

When asked whether it was a final phase or a Brussels deadlock, Lazarevic replied that the one term does not exclude the other, although she personally did not advocate to categorise any talks as „final“.

“It would be such a worse situation if the dialogue which is hitting a dead end, were to enter the final phase. Then we cannot talk about a fair, just, sustainable solutions, long-lasting peace and compromise. On the other hand, room opens for fast, ad hoc and violent solutions and dangerous scenarios“, Lazarevic said.

Oliver Ivanovic is already a historical figure, he is connected to Vidovdan through the misfortunes of Kosovo Serbs

„I want to draw a parallel between Vidovdan and Oliver Ivanovic. Maybe it’s too early to say, but Oliver Ivanovic is already a historical character. He is a prominent political and historical figure from the recent history of Serbia, certainly in the history of Kosovo Serbs. He is connected to Vidovdan primarily by one great human misfortune; a great human misfortune, a misfortune of one nation, in this case, Kosovo Serbs,“ Lazarevic said.

„Everything is known“

When asked about the on-going investigation, she pointed out:

„I have the principle not to comment until the investigation is over. If you ask me whether the true murderers and instigators will be found, I am sure that officially it will not happen. Unofficially, when you walk down any street filled with Kosovo Serbs, I know they will tell you one thing: Everything is known.“

However, Mihajlovic does not believe that these are the final talks, as he does not believe that dialogue is at an impasse, but that it is at a standstill for which the EU is responsible.

„The dragging out of the dialogue is taking place before new elections come and another year is lost,“ he said.

„Meanwhile the reality in the field is changing. One reality is that Belgrade cannot control Pristina in any way, but another reality is that Pristina cannot control the North. The fact that Serbs entered into this Kosovo system under coercion means that they can get out of that system in a few seconds,“ Mihajlovic said.

Mihajlovic underlined that the EU had made a mistake in not sending teams to the field to check on the implementation of the agreement, adding that the EU was „completely disinterested“ while the Kosovo EU was „completely corrupted”. He further added that both Mogherini and Catherine Ashton allowed the two leaders to speak in public about completely opposite things, without saying anything, which just showed the inert attitude of the mediators.

The one who talks about „Oluja“ (Storm Operation) must know what kind of impact his words have in Kosovo, among Kosovo Serbs

„Serbs have a much greater concern these days, a much greater fire to put out rather than to be part of the final agreement, which is the series of warnings about  Operation Storm by the state leadership,“ Lazarevic said.

„The State President and the Supreme Commander, through the most important media outlets, is very directly warning Serbs in the North, undeniably, Serbs in the south would not be spared, that a real scenario of violence in the North is possible. In a series of direct messages to Serbs in the North and the public of Serbia, he used the term Oluja (Operation Storm) and spoke about scenarios of potential violence in the North. I urge him to immediately address Serbs in North Kosovo and to provide us with concrete information about what kind of danger he is talking about and what he, as the supreme state commander of the motherland, can do to protect the lives of people,“ underlined Lazarevic.

„This is above all a warning to the international community,“ Mihajlovic believes.

„If the State President has information that such an action might take place, then he and the state of Serbia should have a solution. Something similar to Operation Storm happened on March 17, 2004, when the state of Serbia responded with prayers. I hope this time it will not be the case. If they have such information, they must take concrete steps to prevent it before it begins. If it’s a spin, then that’s not good. The man who talks about this must know what kind of impact it has in Kosovo, among Kosovo Serbs. Not only him but every Serbian President, whenever he speaks of Kosovo, must know what kind of effect he has on Kosovo Serbs,“ said Mihajlovic.

The partition would set the Balkans on fire: It would start in Kosovo and end in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mihajlovic claimed that the partition is the biggest misconception of the European community because they believe it will solve the problem when it will actually create some new problems.

„Those from Belgrade who think that the division of Kosovo will prevent the creation of two great ethnic states are mistaken. Those who think it will be painless, are even more wrong. If the international community wants to solve the Serbian and Albanian issues in the Balkans, then there is no Macedonia or Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina,“ added Mihajlovic.

The partition cannot be completed peacefully, it is a fatal mistake of Balkan politics, as is an independent Kosovo, he further added:

„The partition requires an incident as a start. At this point, can Serbian, international, and Albanian forces control the incident? No, they cannot. The incident would be of a local character, but the division would start in Kosovo and end in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It would take a walk through Macedonia and Montenegro. The Balkans would be on fire. If Putin and Trump were to come to Skopje, they would not be able to prevent the great consequences of the division of Kosovo.“

Disagreeing with the assessment that everyone wants a division, Lazarevic said:

„The Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo and Metohija does not want a partition, Serbs in the south do not want it, nor do Serbs in the North after 2013. They are completely weakened. North Kosovo is controlled by everyone except for the north itself. Pristina and Belgrade are also controlling us, and what is most frightening is that, in the most negative sense, we are controlled by the conjuncture of Kosovo and Serbian structures. In such a situation where, as an ethnic corpus, we have totally collapsed in our capacity, do you think that, at this very moment, a partition could save us?“

She recalled Ivica Dacic and Aleksandar Vulin’s direct messages on division, especially, Aleksandar Vulin’s message on the „demarcation with Greater Albania,“ adding that they, both being such high-level state officials, think that they are legitimately representing such views.

„Remember, from which state position they are addressing the people – the Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Serbian Minister of Defense,“ Lazarevic said.



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