Demolition of the old Branko Radicevic school and the construction of a new university building is underway

The first phase of construction of a new university building – namely, clearing of the terrain and demolition of existing facilities – was launched in North Mitrovica yesterday. The project is financed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, through the Kosovo Office, this office announced.

This is the first phase of the project, which includes terrain preparation for the execution of construction works. According to the Kosovo Office, conditions will then be created to proceed with the second phase, which entails the construction of the facility itself.

„The budget rebalance has allocated funds for the first phase, which includes demolition and preparation of the terrain, and then we will start construction. This is just another indicator that the state cares about its people in the territory of Kosovo and that we are investing in the future of our children,“ the head of the Kosovo Office, Petar Petkovic, emphasized.

Once completed, the modern University Center will house the Faculty of Natural Sciences, the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Law, and the Rectorate Building. The total building area of the Center, spread over four floors, including a basement and a gallery, will be 10,500 square meters.

The building will feature the required classrooms, laboratories, amphitheaters, libraries with study halls, an IT center, auditorium, restaurant, terrace, and a kitchen. It will be equipped according to the highest standards.

The Provisional Authority of the Municipality of Kosovska Mitrovica announced earlier last week that the preparatory works for the demolition of the old „Branko Radicevic“ school have started – where the university building is planned to be built.

Drivers were advised not to park their cars near the school in the coming days.

The University of Pristina with temporary headquarters in North Mitrovica is the only higher education institution in Serbian language in Kosovo. It fully functions within the Serbian education system. After the university was transferred from Pristina in 1999, and the University of Pristina within the Kosovo system was established, the majority of the faculties of this institution were relocated to North Mitrovica back in 2001.

According to the official information of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia submitted to the KoSSev portal in March 2019, the University of Pristina with temporary headquarters in North Mitrovica had 7,354 students at the time, including 829 members of the teaching staff and 335 non-teaching staff.

The Kosovo authorities have launched several administrative initiatives to integrate this higher education institution into the Kosovan system.



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