Delimitation is a solution in the absence of solution

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„If you tell Serbs that Kosovo’s independence is the solution – that means destabilization. Therefore, the solution should be sought within the framework of Resolution 1244,“ Rada Trajkovic said. Dukagjin Gorani believes that there will be a solution and that it will be “consequential.”

According to Nenad Rasic and Anton Berisha, partition is the worst possible solution and an unacceptable option.

These are just some of the assessments shared by the participants in the discussion „The Future of Kosovo and Serbia from the perspective of Kosovo citizens,“ organized earlier this week by the Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI) at the Media Center in Caglavica.

According to a deputy in the Kosovo Assembly, Dukagjin Gorani, this is a period in which logic is returning to the 90s, when territories are being talked about instead of the future of the communities. Gorani believes that, in this story, the Serbs south of the Ibar are in the worst position.

„They remain unrepresented and stuck between a rock and a hard place,“ he said, sharing his fear that the future solution for Kosovo will be consequential.

„The delimitation will be a solution in the absence of a solution. In a situation where negotiations are not leading anywhere, and a solution must be found, then a consequential solution will be found and that, in principle, is the worst kind. This should not be the solution. This would be a consequence of the inability to find a solution. I think that our communities are not taking this seriously enough. There will be a solution – even if the two of us are pulling and three are pushing. The question remains who will find the solution and how it will affect us,“ Gorani said.

The President of the European Movement for Kosovo Serbs, Rada Trajkovic underlined that the partition is the least desirable solution aimed at extending the power of Hashim Thaci and Aleksandar Vucic. Trajkovic believes that the idea of demarcation will not be abandoned as long as the two presidents are in power. Unlike them, Trajkovic sees a different solution.

„We have Resolution 1244. A solution should be sought within the Resolution. I know that if you were to say to Albanians that Kosovo must have institutional ties with Belgrade, it would provoke disapproval and disagreement. As I know that if you were to tell Serbs that Kosovo’s independence is the solution, I certainly know that destabilization of Serbia would happen. In that sense, I do not want to live and for my children to live with a new destabilization that would imply a destabilized remnant of Serbia without Kosovo. That is why I think that this issue is difficult to solve, if we want to solve it, but the partition is not the solution,“ said Trajkovic.

PDS President, Nenad Rasic believes that we have “lost seven years of negotiations” and that Serbs were “manipulated” during this period. He emphasized that the biggest problem of negotiations is that no Kosovo Serbs participated in it.

When asked if he believes the idea of demarcation is still on the table,

Rasic replied:

„The idea is still on the table. Unfortunately, it is possible, but it would be a final solution and it would be imposed. All of this is coming from the two presidents. This is our legacy from two presidents who had some meetings and agreements and they hastily agreed on something. We can only guess what that is. And they were hasty to inform the US that they had a deal and that they just needed their support.“

“The partition idea is theoretically distancing us from the European perspective, and it is unacceptable for the Kosovo government,” the Kosovo Deputy Foreign Minister, Anton Berisha noted. He shared his belief that the process of finding a solution will persist for a very long time, perhaps several decades.

„We believe that the dialogue with Serbia should end with mutual recognition of the two countries. And after recognition, we would enter the process of an agreement at various points, interstate points. As far as Serbian citizens are concerned, they are citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, they are our citizens and we are their citizens and we should look after them as a majority, this is necessary from the human point of view as well,“ Berisha said.

Participants also agreed that reconciliation and coexistence between Serbs and Albanians should happen first before seeking a solution.



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