Deda: The fascist project of relocating the population embraced by Vucic, Thaci, and Rama

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„I am against the expulsion of Serbs from Gracanica and of it being settled by the Albanians from the north of Kosovo or from the Presevo Valley. This is a fascist project that has been embraced by Mr. Vucic, Thaci, and Edi Rama and their lobbyists in the West,“ the deputy of the liberal Alternativa party, Ilir Deda said in Gracanica, RTV Kim reported. Deda criticized the way in which the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina is conducted in Brussels and described these talks as “against people, inhuman and uncivilized”.

The Director of the Culture Centre in Gracanica and writer, Zivojin Rakocevic believes that the dialogue is „stillborn“ because there was little freedom for Kosovo Serbs right after the first decision was made.

Democracy and human rights are no longer talked about, but peace and stability are – he said.

„The process of the existence and disappearance of European values in the territory of Kosovo and Metohija had actually disappeared for me when the former head of UNMIK Petersen cried and, at early dawn, sent Ramush Haradinaj to the Hague,“ added Rakocevic.

Rakocevic and Deda presented these attitudes during a debate on the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, organized by the NGO „Forum for Development and Multiethnic Cooperation“, with the support of KFOS.

They also talked about the increase to 100% the tax on imports. Deda estimated that this move by the Kosovo government is „normal“:

„There can be no diplomatic war on the international stage and a terrible political rhetoric and good economic relations. Come on, really…“

Rakocevic disagreed with Deda, claiming that it is a shot at European values and ordinary people are the ones who are suffering.

„Introducing the tax means shooting first at our basic miserable little life interest, us, the ordinary people who go to the shop every day. Furthermore, it’s a shot at European values,“ Rakocevic explained.

An analyst from Pristina, Agon Maliqi and the Secretary of State in the Serbian Ministry of Economy, Branimir Stojanovic, also participated in the debate.



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