Danas daily awards presented today: „To keep the light on the stories of our fellow citizens“

Danas nagrada

Belgrade-based Danas daily awarded journalists and friends of the daily for their special contribution today on the occasion of its 22nd anniversary. The editors of KoSSev and BIRN, Tatjana Lazarevic and Slobodan Georgiev won the ‘Stanislav Stasa Marinkovic’ award, granted by Danas since 2000.

Danas Editor-in-Chief, Dragoljub Draza Petrovic presented the award to the editor of the KoSSev portal, Tatjana Lazarevic, recalling a part of the jury’s statement that Lazarevic is “one of the few remaining voices of reason in Kosovo.”

„I want to thank you for allowing our words and our information to find their way to you and for understanding Kosovo through what we write,“ Lazarevic said, stressing the importance of writing stories about our fellow citizens and „keeping the light on so that the stories of those who have no one to care about them remain visible.“

“Writing is similar to prayer,” Lazarevic said, recalling the words of Bishop Grigorije from Germany.

„As our bishop writes, writing is a constant connection and focus on someone else because everything we write implies the existence of a reader. When we received the ‘Dusan Bogavac’ award, I spoke about the small islands of freedom in the sea of darkness – how there are few of them, but also how they are shining in that darkness and that they are our beacons of freedom. With our journalistic writing and information, we turn towards each other. And with this prayer, I pray that the light of modern beacons of freedom spreads and light up the dark sea, its depths and sludge, that the light moves over to new points until the land is seen, which I believe is far greater than that dark sea and in our immediate vicinity. It is only important that we turn on the light because the darkness does not actually exist.“

“There are many unfortunate stories that we, in the search for our own happiness, often do not notice,” she said, announcing that KoSSev will donate part of the award to the people this portal wrote about – in order to “keep the light on so that the stories of those who have no one to care about them would be visible.”

Lazarevic said that part of the prize money will go to two families from the Zubin Potok municipality – sisters Tamara and Tijana Lazovic from Banja village and 77-year-old Zora Lazarevic from the village of Metalica, who are currently under the care of North Mitrovica private entrepreneur, Sasa Dedovic, and to the seven-member Abazi family from the Roma community, whose 8-year-old daughter Mevlana still cannot enroll in the first grade due to lack of personal documents. Also, part of the prize will be donated to the journalist Milan Jovanovic, whose house in Grocka was burned down –which the former mayor of this municipality, Dragoljub Simonovic is accused of.

Georgiev: I dedicate the prize to those who work in more difficult circumstances and who still believe that journalism is possible

The prize was also awarded to, as Petrovic announced, „the best journalist among the twitterers“ – journalist and editor of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) Slobodan Georgiev.

„The award is a huge thing not only for me, but for the colleagues I work with at BIRN and Vreme magazine. And also for all those other colleagues working in difficult conditions in these past seven years, in a country where people are divided into those who gave up and those who got scared,“ Georgiev said.

He assessed that it is much easier for journalists in Belgrade to do their job than it is for reporters from the province who work in small communities where everyone knows everyone and who are under significantly greater pressures.

„That’s why I dedicate this award to those who still work in such conditions and who still believe that journalism is possible. It’s no small thing,“ he said.

The editor of the Danas economic section, Aleksandar Milosevic was also awarded, as well as the loyal readers, longtime partners and friends of this daily – Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, Dubravka Stojanovic, architect, Dragoljub Bakic, actor, Dragan Bjelogrlic, and Mayor of Svilajnac, Predrag Milanovic.



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