Czech humanitarian organization: We are not hooligans, the media spread false information and jeopardized our work


The Kosovo police arrested eight Czech citizens last week seizing a drone and several flags. The Kosovo media soon reported that the group allegedly planned to fly a drone with the inscription „Kosovo is Serbia“ at the World Cup qualifying match between the Czech Republic and Kosovo. The police have not yet confirmed this information. The European Solidarity Front for Kosovo, however, denied these allegations, claiming that the members of their organization were arrested and „falsely accused of being hooligans“. „It is a pity that none of the journalists contacted us, instead they spread false information about us,“ they also said.

„We are not football fans and none of us planned to attend the football match between the Czech Republic and Kosovo in Pristina. The drone we had with us was too small and outdated to carry a flag or banner.

We brought it with us to film monasteries and nature from a bird’s eye perspective, we wanted to use the footage in our story. We didn’t have any torches, pyrotechnics, nothing like that. We didn’t even plan to go to Pristina. On the day of the match, we planned to deliver aid to the poor families in Metohija and to attend a wedding we were invited to,“ the European Solidarity Front for Kosovo wrote in a statement.

European Solidarity Front for Kosovo in Susica, Foto:

The organization also said that they had been involved in humanitarian work in Kosovo for years. On this occasion, we spent a week in Kosovo where we visited five schools and delivered school supplies to the students, as well as relief supplies to four families – they added.

The Kosovo police confirmed that eight Czech citizens were arrested on the road between Strpce and Prevalac on Friday evening. The police found a flag with the inscription „No Surrender,“ a banner with the inscription „Kosovo is Serbian,“ 6 knives, 2 radios, an iron bat and a drone after searching their vehicle.

The European Solidarity Front for Kosovo confirmed in a statement that the police patrol pulled them over while they were returning from a school in Strpce, and that they were „frisked and escorted to the police station in Urosevac“.

Foto: Indeksonline

„When the police questioned us, we explained what we do and cleared up the situation. The police officers were very kind and polite the entire time. After we were questioned, we waited for the decision of the competent authorities. They let us go at 2 o’clock at night,” they explained, adding:

“The next day we had to pay a fine of €100 per person for not reporting our stay in Kosovo. After that, they returned our belongings and documents. We then headed back to the Czech Republic.“

“False information in the media unnecessarily raised tensions about the match but also endangered the future humanitarian work of the members of this organization” – this humanitarian organization concluded.

Kosovo media reported last week on the arrest of 8 Czech citisens in Urosevac area who were going to allegedly attempt to fly a drone with Serbian nationalistic messages and flags. While Kosovo Police later confirmed the seizure of a drone, flags and other equipment, there has not yet been official confirmation on the reason for the group’s visit.




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