Civil society appeals to Kurti and Vucic to sign the agreement: „Compromise is a pillar of democracy, not a concession“


Members of some Serbian and Kosovo civil society organizations sent a joint appeal to the President of Serbia and the Prime Minister of Kosovo to accept and sign the EU agreement, that is, to reach a compromise on the implementation annex at the upcoming high-level meeting.

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, and the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, will meet this Saturday in Ohrid to discuss the implementation annex of the agreement. They previously agreed on the basics this agreement on February 27th in Brussels.

Ahead of the meeting, diplomatic activity has been intensified. International officials are discussing the dialogue in Brussels and future steps – both with each other, as well as with representatives of Belgrade and Pristina.

Last night, 19 members of CSOs issued a joint appeal to two officials.

“We, the undersigned members of the civil society, through this joint letter appeal to leaders of Kosovo and Serbia to accept and sign the agreement proposed by the European Union (EU), as well as reach a compromise on the implementation annex at their upcoming meeting on March 18, 2023.”

They assessed that proposed agreement by the EU is an important step in the right direction for normalization of relations, and European integration, and will have a positive impact at the community level to foster better interethnic relations.

“We understand that the proposed agreement by the EU is not satisfactory for either side, however, the continuation of the current status quo will have far worse consequences, and lead to new tensions, which will make the life of the citizens in both societies harder and less secure.”

They stated that the citizens expect their leaders to engage with each other, and make compromises that will facilitate the European integration process for both sides and the region as a whole.

“Compromise is a pillar of a democratic society, and it is not a concession,” they concluded.

The appeal was signed by:

1) Adelina Hasani, Researcher at KCSS
2) Agon Maliqi, Researcher and policy consultant
3) Bardhi Bakija, Executive director of Sbunker
4) Jovana Radosavljević, Executive director of NSI
5) Leonora Kryeziu, Executive director of PIPS
6) Lulzim Peci, Executive director of KIPRED
7) Maja Piscevic, Nonresident senior fellow with the Atlantic Council’s Europe Center
8) Milica Andrić Rakić, Project manager at NSI
9) Miodrag Marinkovic, Executive director of CASA
10) Naim Rashiti, Executive director of BPRG
11) Nataša Vučković, Center for Democracy Foundation
12) Ramadan Ilazi, Head of research at KCSS
13) Sofija Todorović, YIHR Serbia
14) Sonja Licht, President of the Foundation BFPE for a Responsible Society
15) Sonja Stojanovic Gajic, Researcher and policy consultant
16) Srdjan Majstorovic, Chairman of the Governing Board of CEP
17) Stefan Vladisavljev, Program coordinator at BFPE
18) Visar Xhambazi, Sbunker
19) Visar Ymeri, Executive director of „Musine Kokalari“ Institute

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