Citizens on re-registration to RKS: Dissatisfied with Pristina, some await Belgrade’s instructions

The Kosovo government’s decision to enable owners of vehicles equipped with Serbian license plates for Kosovo cities to register their vehicles with RKS license plates from August 1st to September 30th is currently one of the trending topics in the north of Kosovo.

But what do the citizens of North Mitrovica think of this decision? Will they be re-registering their vehicles? And what do they think about the alerts coming from Belgrade of the „new Storm“ and the expulsion of Serbs?

All surveyed citizens expressed a negative attitude regarding Pristina’s decision. While some said that they would get the RKS plates, others underline they’ll do so only „if they have to“, and others say they would wait for Belgrade’s instructions. On the other hand, the majority of North Mitrovica residents believe that there will be no new Storm operations.

„I don’t believe in that, some say one thing, others another, just find the middle and enjoy,“ said a citizen when asked to comment on the allegations about the expulsion of Serbs.

His fellow citizen questioned: „Are they really going to do that or are they kidding?“, stressing that he trusts “his” Vucic.

Another interlocutor of KoSSev described the recent Pristina’s decision on the license plates as “a disaster.”

“We live here, we were born here, they are blackmailing us now,” she underlined.

Some citizens believe that with this request – Pristina „threatens the Serbs and their survival in Kosovo.“

„People should live in freedom and peace, and this re-registration is not good for us, our valid KM plates should remain,“ a North Mitrovica local said, assessing that Serbia „will not allow new Storms and the Serbian people to be expelled from these areas.“

„Belgrade is ready to compromise, while Pristina is ready to challenge the Serbs and Serbia to war,“ he said.

On the other hand, one of the citizens from south of the Ibar, whom we encountered on the streets of the northern part of Mitrovica, says that „new Storms could happen“.

„That is likely to happen, especially for us down there who live in the south,“ he stressed.

Citizens gave differing answers to the question of whether they will re-register their vehicles.

Some believe that things will remain as they are, others that citizens will change their plates to RKS ones, while some are certain that the people will „obey Belgrade and motherland Serbia“ when making such a decision.

When asked whether the Serbs would agree to the re-registration of vehicles, one of the interlocutors answered affirmatively.

„They will, of course,“ KoSSev’s interlocutor, otherwise an owner of a vehicle with KM plates, confirmed that he would do the same.

„Of course, as I live here, I go to the bank, how can I not register my vehicle. We already have their army, and police, we are also theirs,“ he said.

His fellow citizen had a similar opinion: „If it’s obligatory, they’ll have to do it. We’re not the ones who decide on it. I live here, I will stay here, no matter what.“

One of the interlocutors also believes that re-registration of vehicles would occur „under pressure.“ On the other hand, he expressed hope that nothing will change.

Some citizens, however, don’t feel the same way.

One of the residents said that he believes that „the situation will remain as it is, for how long – I don’t know“.

When asked whether people in the north will agree to re-registration, the interlocutor of KoSSev says that Serbs should „listen to President Vucic“.

„I think they should listen to the president, he is the best in the world. He will do something to ensure peace, the most important thing is that the children are safe,“ she said.

Another resident also urged the citizens to listen to the Serbian leadership.

He reveals that, for now, he will not re-register his vehicle. However, if it’s something that has to be done, he will „listen to Belgrade and motherland Serbia“.

„We will do whatever they decide,“ he said.

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