Bistrica Bridge: Police open fire after their vehicle was hit by a car; Petkovic: The young men didn’t want anyone to harass them


Members of the special unit of the Kosovo Police opened fire at a vehicle carrying two ethnic Serbs at approximately 11:30h at a checkpoint on Bistrica Bridge, the Kosovo Office announced today. The KP confirmed for KoSSev that the police officers opened fire only after the driver of the vehicle allegedly hit the police car stationed there and refused to pull over.

The Kosovo Office specified that M.D. sustained injuries in the shooting, while his companion D.S. was not harmed.

„M.D. sustained a gunshot wound in the chest area, on the left side, and he was urgently transported to the hospital in Kraljevo,“ the Office underlined.

While this body of the government of Serbia claims that the two young men were shot at because they „didn’t want to allow the ROSU police to harass them without any basis and reason,“ the police state that they opened fire because „they felt threatened“.

The Kosovo Police explained to KoSSev that the unit located at this checkpoint attempted to pull over the vehicle carrying two young men.

According to the KP, however, they allegedly refused to stop their car and hit a police patrol vehicle stationed at the checkpoint.

After which the officers opened fire, they add.

„The fact that they hit a police vehicle poses a direct threat to the lives of the police officers, who, to protect themselves, opened fire,“ the KP told KoSSev.

They add that the suspects then ran away from the scene and that the police are launching an investigation.

The police said that the Police Inspectorate was notified about the case.

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