KP: One person arrested in connection with the attack on a minor in Suvi Do

Foto: KoSSev

The Kosovo Police arrested a person suspected of attacking a minor in the settlement of Suvi Do on Sunday.

The spokesperson of the Kosovo Police for the region of Mitrovica South confirmed for KoSSev that a person suspected of involvement in the criminal offense of minor bodily harm has been identified and then arrested earlier today.

The suspect is a 22-year-old man of Albanian ethnicity.

He was interrogated, and then remanded a 48-hour custody based on the order of the prosecutor in charge of the case.

The Kosovo Office announced yesterday that 15-year-old ethnic Serb boy L.M. was attacked on Sunday morning, purportedly by four elderly Albanians in the Suvi Do settlement, while L.M. was walking down the road on foot.

They added that the boy, accompanied by his father, sought medical assistance at the North Mitrovica Hospital Center. He had sustained visible head injuries, hematomas, and scratches, as well as an under-eye bruise.

Until last night, the Kosovo police did not react to Belgrade’s allegations, while KoSSev’s numerous attempts to obtain additional information about the case proved unsuccessful.

In the response submitted to our portal last night from the KP of the region of Mitrovica South, they confirmed they received a report that a Serb boy was physically attacked by four people around 05.15h while he was walking down the street in the village of Suvi Do.

The police state that their investigators are working on identifying and arresting the perpetrators.

They indicated that all previous investigative actions have been presented to the prosecutor who is handling the case, which is classified as a criminal offense of minor bodily harm.

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