Bishop Teodosije condemned the attacks on Serbian youths, the attacks were unprovoked

ranjeni Nikola Dejanović na urgentnom odeljenju u Kosovskoj Mitrovici
ranjeni Nikola Dejanović na urgentnom odeljenju u Kosovskoj Mitrovici

The Raska-Prizren Eparchy, as well as Bishop Teodosije, reacted after the recent attacks on two Serbian youths in two separate incidents. The Bishop strongly condemned the attacks on A.J. (21) from Suvi Do near North Mitrovica and N.D. (23) from Priluzje village near Vucitrn. Both incidents show the deterioration of safety and endanger the lives of Kosovo Serbs. One of the main factors contributing to the poor safety situation of Kosovo Serbs is the inactivity of the Kosovo police and the judiciary, the Bishop added.

„We received the news of the attacks on the two Serbian young men A.J. (21) from Suvi Do, the suburban settlement of Kosovska Mitrovica, and N.D. (23) from Priluzje near Vucitrn with great concern. A.J. was attacked on June 25th as he was walking down the street in his village. The attack was carried out by an ethnic Albanian, who stepped out of a vehicle, pistol-whipped the Serb man on the head, and then shot him in the lower leg area. With God’s help, Jevtic remained in a state of consciousness and called the police. He was given medical assistance at the Health Center in Mitrovica, where he was detained for treatment,“ the church leaders provided details of the incident that happened last week in a statement.

„N.D. from Priluzje was attacked in the early morning hours in his village while he was returning home with his friends. Two ethnic Albanians exited a car and pepper-sprayed Nikola’s friends, while one of the attackers injured Nikola by stabbing him with a knife multiple times. Dejanovic was urgently transferred to the Health Center in North Mitrovica, where he was given medical assistance, and where he is still detained in the emergency department,“ they also described what happened in this week’s incident.

„Both cases are serious attacks aimed at endangering the lives of the two Serbian young men, and in both cases the attacks were unprovoked,“ the statement said.

The Raska-Prizren Bishop Teodosije strongly condemned these attacks and urged the Kosovo police and international representatives to bring the perpetrators to justice and to punish them adequately.

„In the second case, the Albanian attacker was arrested and it is very important that the trial process is monitored so that these cases don’t meet the same fate as many previous cases of attacks on Serbs when the perpetrators escaped justice or received only symbolic punishments,“ the Eparchy stated.

„One of the main factors still contributing to the poor safety situation of Kosovo Serbs is the inaction of the Kosovo police and the judiciary who in most cases do not do their job or they do the job formally while tolerating continuously ethnically motivated violence against Serbs,“ reads the Eparchy’s statement from yesterday.

Yesterday, the incidents were also condemned by US Ambassador Greg Delawie, who qualified them as interethnic incidents.

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