Bishop Grigorije: Vucic didn’t present a plan during the Synod, Bishop Teodosije attacked

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FOTO: Fejsbuk, Aleksandar Vučić

Translation provided by KoSSev

Bishop of Düsseldorf and Germany Grigorije said that when he came to the Patriarchate, where the Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church was in session, he did not have the opportunity to hear Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic’s plan on Kosovo – nor did anyone else who was present at the time. He added that the conversation turned into an attack on Bishop Teodosije.

Bishop Grigorije stated in an interview for the weekly Vreme magazine that Vucic said he managed to „direct the opposing party towards the direction against which it was from the very beginning during the years-long negotiations, but that the negotiations moved in a bad direction for us because of obstructive action coming from the domestic environment.“

„The President also emphasized that we have gambled away our historical opportunity and that we can delude ourselves with the idea that Kosovo is ours for some time, and that one afternoon somebody will wake us up and tell us the devastating truth – as was the case with Montenegro,“ said Bishop Grigorije.

„He added that the Albanian side has the undeniable assistance of Western countries, and negotiations have turned into genuine torture, as harsh words are often heard during the talks, and – all in all – it’s a matter of time, in his words, where and in what way will this painful ulcer burst,“ Bishop Grigorije conveyed Vucic’s response to his question if there is any plan on how to get out of the current situation regarding Kosovo.

Grigorije and several other bishops attended the meeting mostly due to the subject of Kosovo and Bishop Teodosije

The Bishop said that part of the conversation took the form of a normal dialogue, „however, later everything turned into an attack against the bishop of Raska-Prizren Teodosije.“

„It was not a dialogue, it was simply an attack without any basis, which certainly wasn’t appropriate. Bishop Teodosije once again showed astonishing patience and calmness, although the meeting went in the wrong direction and, in my opinion, it was rendered meaningless,“ he said.

He stated that several bishops, including him, attended this meeting mostly because of him – the Bishop of Raska-Prizren, and because the topic was the area in which he governs the church.

„Therefore, we had to attend the meeting, because of the topic that was supposed to be discussed at that meeting, and because of Bishop Teodosije, who is the bearer of the greatest burden – the question of the survival of our people in Kosovo and Metohija,“ said Bishop Grigorije.

He added that the Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro „as a wise old man, tried to steer the conversation toward the right path the entire time, calmly telling President Vucic that we are there to talk calmly, using arguments, and that things should not be perceived personally to such an extent.“ According to Bishop Grigorije, other bishops asked questions and expressed their opinion „in the form of praise and criticism.“

„In the end, however, somehow it was drawn to a close but without a clear outcome, conclusions and without a plan that would offer a concrete solution and a way out of the current situation in Kosovo,“ Bishop Grigorije concluded.

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