BIRN: KoSSev Editor on torched cars in North Mitrovica

On the list of burned cars, which the policemen of KP are leading, sends a message to the public – if policemen are not safe, what is left for ordinary citizens. The authority of the police force here is totally disrupted. The last drop was a huge fight that broke out in Mitrovica on Orthodox Christmas Day. People here desperately need police, as it is not something separated from them. I believe that the majority of those people in KP are honest and good professionals. However, we need to have a system that is just and professional at the same time. Citizens are now left on their own, to manage their life in accordance with their capabilities, capacity and personal character. Either to conform, be silent, or go away, it does not matter. When our car was lit up, the only surprise was that there was no obvious reason for such reaction. This is not a normal situation. It really isn't – Tatjana Lazarevic, Editor in Chief of the KoSSev portal said, just several days after the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. In an interview with Birn Kosovo that was published only recently, she talked about the security situation and torched cars in the North. The topic is, however, back in the focus this weekend after two Kosovo Serb policemen were involved in a mutual fight at a North Mitrovica tavern, leaving one of them seriously hurt; also, a car was ablaze last night, owned by an employee of the North Mitrovica detention center. We published the interview below.




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