BIA denies Swiss media claims that the Serbian services planned to assassinate Dick Marty

Serbia’s Security Information Agency (BIA) sent a letter to the Swiss Federal Intelligence Service (FIS) today, stating that the BIA strongly condemns and denies „malicious claims about the involvement of Serb security services in any kind of assassination plot.“

The BIA itself announced the news via its website after the Swiss media reported that former European Commission Special Rapporteur Dick Marty has been under police protection for quite some time as a result of his life being endangered, as Marty himself said, by „radical elements of Serbian intelligence services“.

„In these trying times, such claims unjustly inflict immense damage to the Republic of Serbia and the reputation of the BIA and its members, who are dedicated and professional in performing their working tasks exclusively in accordance with the law,“ the BIA said, adding:

„Despite all the pressures and destabilization attempts, the Security Information Agency will continue its efforts in preserving the peace and stability of the Republic of Serbia and all its citizens.“

„The threat apparently comes from certain circles of the Serbian intelligence services who asked the underworld, professional killers, to liquidate me simply to put the blame on the Kosovars,“ Dick Marty said earlier, the Swiss state television, Radio Télévision Suisse, reports.

Radio Télévision Suisse reports that a Serb citizen was reportedly supposed to bring weapons for the intended attack into Switzerland in December 2020.

Marty told the Swiss RTS about veterans who specialize in assassinations, and that killing someone in that way „is not particularly expensive“.

An investigation into this case was opened in Switzerland in August 2021.

Dick Marty has been under police protection since December 2020.

Swiss Dick Marty, the former European Commission Special Rapporteur, wrote the famous 2010 report on the ties of key KLA commanders with organized crime. The report also addressed alleged organ trafficking.

After the report was practically confirmed by a new report by the American prosecutor Clint Williamson back in 2014, the very next year – 2015, the Kosovo Specialist Chambers was established.

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