Anonymous donors donated help to a family from Plemetina whose cattle were stolen

Krađa, anonimni donatori, krave, manastir Draganac
Foto: Printscreen, Youtube, Monk Sophrony

The Serbian households in central Kosovo and Pomoravlje have often been targeted by thieves in the last few years. The household of Ivica Kovacevic from Plemetina village in the municipality of Obilic is one of them. Five head of cattle were stolen from the Kovacevic family on December 9th, 2017. Taking into account that they live exclusively from agriculture, the possibility of satisfying the basic needs of this seven-member family was called into question. A year and a half later, thanks to anonymous donors, this family received a cow and a calf, and with it, as Kovacevic said, the hope of „surviving and fighting in Kosovo“.

The head of the family, Ivica Kovacevic said that at the moment of the theft he was most concerned about the safety of his family. He pointed out that theft had several motives and one of them was the weakening of the Serbian population in Kosovo.

Speaking about the anonymous donation, Kovacevic said that it gave him hope of “surviving and fighting in Kosovo”, adding that he is now able to “help his family members more, especially the youngest (members)”.

This noble act of unknown people was recorded by an Orthodox monk from the United States of America, Sofronije, who lives in the Draganac monastery.

Thefts in Serbian communities in Kosovo are a common occurrence. Families involved in agriculture are most often the target of thieves. In previous years, a great number of similar cases were recorded, while in many cases, the stolen property, as well as the perpetrators of these thefts, were not found.

In mid-September last year in Plemetina, during the night,a cow and a calf were also stolen from Miodrag Radosavljevic. Two cows were stolen two days later from the Arsic family from Novo Brdo village.

Right before Christmas, in the village of Gornje Kusce near Gnjilane, three thefts were carried out. A BMW car was stolen from Svetozar Stajic, an Opel Astra from Branislav Denic, while a bull weighing about 450 kilograms was stolen from Bozidar Denic. One of the most organized thefts in this region happened at the end of November of last year when a group of unknown persons, in a dozen places in Gornje Kusce and Stanisor, committed or attempted to carry out several burglaries. A church was also targeted by thieves.

No one was arrested and prosecuted for stealing Serbian property in Pomoravlje. The thefts have intensified in the last two years, while some stolen property was found. The Novo Brdo Municipal Vice-President, Sinisa Dimic said that 55 thefts were carried out in the territory of the Novo Brdo municipality between 2005 and 2018, 140 of which included large cattle, RTV Puls reported.

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