Announcement of possible new measures from Pristina

Izmi Zeka zamenik ministra MUP-a
Foto: Koha

Kosovo Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Izmi Zeka said that, in addition to the 100% tax increase on imports of products from Serbia and Bosnia, Kosovo will introduce sanctions against vehicles from Serbia, the Pristina-based Koha reported.

A Kosovo government official and a member of the PDK party announced today that the Kosovo government has prepared the documentation necessary for the introduction of a new measure against Serbia.

„I categorically believe that, at this point, measures related to vehicles should be introduced. We have already prepared all the necessary documentation to ban the circulation of vehicles from Serbia. This is a reciprocal measure to Serbia’s behavior towards Kosovo citizens,“ Zeka told Economia Online, Koha reported.

„I want to show to Serbia that Kosovo is a state that decides on its own moves by itself, not only on this issue but in all segments of life. Although I am not one of those who say ‘never,’ because things constantly change in politics. Even though our interests are changing, they remain in line with the US state and, of course, I advocate American sensibility and we will decide on the next steps with them,“ he said.

In recent weeks, certain officials from Pristina have called for or pledged to abolish the 100% tax on imports of products from Serbia that had paralyzed the process of dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina.

The Kosovo President, Hashim Thaci told The Washington Post that he was „ready to consider lifting the tariffs if a clear way to proceed towards reaching a Final Peace Agreement with Serbia is opened for Kosovo“.

„It is meaningless that, at the time Kosovo received a letter to refrain from action, the Kosovo government introduced a 100% measure, instead of considering a letter coming from a country on which the future of Kosovo depends on,“ the LDK leader, Isa Mustafa said yesterday.

Talking about the possibility of new measures, the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic explained at the end of last year that there were three possible measures and that „it is not known which one is worse for us“. At the same time, the Kosovo Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj also did not want to talk about the details of the measures, adding „you will see when they happen“.

Speculations immediately appeared in the media, however, that the three measures could refer to temporary license plates for vehicles from Serbia, the ban on the import of goods of world brands from factories in Serbia, and the failure to recognize product quality documentation.

The Government of Kosovo decided to extend the decision on taxes on December 28th and introduced the 100% tax on import of products of foreign companies that have production facilities in Serbia. The measure entered into force this year.

The Kosovo government postponed the vote yesterday on the proposal that products from Serbia and Bosnia that entered the territory of Kosovo before or on November 21st, when the decision was made to introduce the 100% tax increase, are freed from this measure, the Pristina-based Koha reported, which was picked up by RTV Kim.



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