An indictment filed against six people for the murder of Oliver Ivanovic

Oliver Ivanović KoSSev

The Kosovo Special Prosecutors’ Office filed criminal charges against six people suspected of involvement in the assassination of Oliver Ivanovic. Four suspects are still at large.

According to the indictment, Oliver Ivanovic was gunned down with 6 shots from an “Opel Astra” vehicle without license plates and tinted windows. The vehicle was procured by a KP member from the north, N.S., who is already in custody. According to this indictment, N.S. assisted the perpetrators in fleeing the crime scene.

Of the six suspects, four are members of the Kosovo Police.

The indictments were issued against N.S., M.R., S.A., D.M., Z.J. and R.B. They are charged with “participating in organized a criminal group,” “abuse of office,” “support in crime,” “aggravated murder,” “illegal possession and use of firearms,” “disclosing official secrets,” “abuse of duty in complicity” and “tampering with evidence.”

Four suspects are still at large, one of whom is a fifth Kosovo police officer from the north. According to unofficial information, this suspect is one of the top police officials.

An international arrest warrant has been issued against M.R., Z.V. and Z.B. – as they are on the run. Both groups are said to be operating as a single organized crime group led by suspects M.R. and Z.V. According to the indictment, this group has been operating since 2011.

The Prosecution’s conclusion reads that the evidence indicates that „leaders of an organized crime group operating in the north have influence over Kosovo police, municipalities and publicly owned enterprises.“

Investigation to date

So far, the public have heard about seven suspects in Ivanovic’s murder: Marko Rosic, Kosovo police officer Nedeljko Spasojevic who have been in custody for a year, Dragisa Markovic, also a policeman released from custody in February, Silvana Arsovic, Ivanovic’s close associate, Rade Basara, a policeman, Milan Radoicic, the deputy leader of Srpska Lista, and Z.B. who the Serb officials identified as Zeljko Bojic, the head of Kosovo operational department for the region North. His identity has not been confirmed by the Kosovo investigators.

Warrants for Radoicic and Veselinovic

The Basic Court in Pristina confirmed yesterday that the request of the Special Prosecution to issue an international arrest warrant for Zvonko Veselinovic was approved. However, the international arrest warrant was issued in connection with „the events following the intervention of special units in July 2011“ when they tried to take control over the Brnjak and Jarinje border crossings and implement the decision of the Kosovo Government to impose an embargo on Serbian goods due to delays in negotiations on customs seals.

Previously, in August, the Basic Court in Pristina also approved a request for an international arrest warrant for Milan Radoicic. However, the last thing made public about the fate of this request is that the Kosovo Foreign Ministry „completed and forwarded” the arrest warrant documentation.

Taking into account that Kosovo is not a member of INTERPOL, the Kosovo Ministry of Justice can only forward all requests to this international institution through UNMIK. KoSSev failed to obtain UNMIK’s or INTERPOL’s confirmation that this request was processed.

Djuric: Indictments for Ivanovic’s murder staged to blame Serbs from Kosovo and Serbia

The Head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric harshly condemned this decision by the Kosovo Special Prosecutors’ Office, referring to it as the „continuation of an organized negative campaign.“

According to Djuric, the indictments have the aim of “weakening the position of Serbs in the province and delegitimizing Serb representatives which Albanian separatists and their sponsors could not beat during the last elections.“



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