Alliance for Kosovo established at Gazimestan, locations changed after faced with protests in Gracanica

Gracanica Savez za Srbiju
Foto: KoSSev

The Alliance for Kosovo was established as a branch of the Alliance for Serbia at Gazimestan today, one of the leaders of this alliance, Dragan Djilas confirmed for KoSSev. He was leading a delegation from Belgrade to join Kosovo Serb opposition leaders and sympathizers in Gracanica. The original plan was to hold the founding assembly at the Cultural Center Gracanica, but the location was subsequently changed due to organized protests of the Gracanica municipality and Serbian state institution employees.

“We wanted to avoid any kind of conflict primarily among the Serbian people,” Djilas told KoSSev in Gazimestan.

„Serbia is too divided, we are too divided in every way, and the Alliance for Serbia’s policy is to stop these divisions. You know that we have gathered – although we do not have the same political views – all with the desire to change the system in Serbia, to simply reach a situation when anyone can freely express their views,“ Djilas said.

He emphasized that there has to be a new approach taken in order to „get out of the deadlock after seven years since the arrival of a new government in Serbia.”

“I think it’s clear to everyone that we are far from the solution, and that it’s clear to everyone that the lives of the people are getting worse, while the number of those leaving Kosovo, both Albanians and Serbs, is getting higher every day,“ Djilas said.

The Serb opposition leaders met with their compatriots in their joint efforts to address the Kosovo issue in another way – he explained.

„First of all, out of desire to reach a collegial, better life for the people of Kosovo and Metohija based on the Serbian Constitution, Resolution 1244 but also to reach a dialogue with Albanians, improve their standard and everything else that is necessary, regardless of which part of the country they are living in – for them to live better,“ he added.

He also confirmed that the original plan was to hold the founding assembly in Gracanica, but the location was changed due to organized protests.

Gracanica Savez za Srbiju

„Serbian authorities prepared them a welcome in Gracanica“- Djilas said.

Another SZS leader, Bosko Obradovic, was denied entry to Kosovo today.

„It is obvious that these two authorities cooperate very well and work for their common interest,“ Djilas added.

The Dveri movement confirmed in the meantime that Obradovic was banned from entering Kosovo, while Obradovic himself said that the decision to ban his entry into Kosovo was made in „direct coordination between Belgrade and Pristina.“

As the next step, he expects the formation of a coordinating body of the Alliance for Kosovo which should propose a “way of resolving the issue of Kosovo.”

The representatives of the Alliance for Serbia from Kosovo, Rada Trajkovic and Nenad Radosavljevic also briefly addressed the media at Gazimestan.

After been prevented from meeting and discussing at a regular table in Gracanica, Trajkovic said that the humiliation of its own nation should stop.

„It is essentially an attempt by Vucic to stop his fall, but it is obviously an abyss,“ she said.

Asked about today’s attempt to hold a meeting, Trajkovic said:

„This is what the Serbs need out of two very important reasons. One of the reasons is for us to show that we do not want to separate ourselves from Belgrade, but to solve things with Belgrade in a way that will provide peace in this area, and peace consists of what is being promoted – a true reconciliation between Serbs and Albanians and definitely the normalization.“

Media not allowed to film and report

Upon arriving at Gazimestan, a police officer told KoSSev that, by the order of the Kosovo Police, journalists „have no right to record and report from that location,“ and that they can “only enter the site as civilians”. Media crews were only allowed to enter Gazimestan without their equipment.

Earlier today, a group of approximately fifty protestors gathered in front of the Cultural Center in Gracanica expecting the SzS delegation to arrive. They held banners with inscriptions: „Alliance for personal interest,“ „Alliance for robbery“, „We live here“, „Moma the Thief“…

As natives of Gracanica told KoSSev, the majority of protestors are employed in the municipality of Gracanica and Serbian state sponsored institutions.

Most protesters were not willing to give statements in public however.

One of the protestors, Nebojsa Peric told KoSSev that he and the others protested against something „the Serbs in Kosovo need the least at this moment,“ which, is the breaking of Serbian unity.

Gracanica Savez za Srbiju
Foto: KoSSev

„Any act, and that is one of such acts that are aimed at breaking the unity. The Alliance for Serbia is what causes the division among the Serbian community in Kosovo. At this moment, it is really not desirable. On the other hand, people whose credibility is unknown appear, and they have demonstrated and proved such credibility in the elections – in order to be able to initiate such a huge political move, and this is indeed a huge political move at the moment. Breaking Serbian unity in Kosovo is something that we need the least of at the moment.”

Peric, however, claimed that they came to the protest of their own initiative and that it was not organized „because good news travels fast and bad news even faster.“

„Many people I talked to about this heard that something is happening and they saw that they are simply against it,“ Peric concluded.

Some opposition leaders met with representatives of the Alliance for Serbia in early April in Belgrade. They supported the idea of ​​creating the Alliance for Kosovo –a sister organization of the opposition bloc in Serbia „in order for the voice of Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija to be heard more loudly and for them to have a decisive influence on Serbia’s policy towards Kosovo.“

The founding assembly was also decided at the time.

It was announced that representatives of associations, parties, citizens, as well as prominent individuals from Kosovo, regardless of their political affiliation, would join this Alliance.

Representatives of the Alliance for Serbia and Kosovo politicians pointed out during this meeting that it was not the time for the elections and announced that they would not participate in the elections held yesterday in the four municipalities in the north because, as Rada Trajkovic said, two candidates – Oliver Ivanovic and Dimitrije Janicevic– were murdered in the past.

Representatives of the People’s Justice, the European Movement of Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija, the National Movement Otadzbina, Aleksandar Stojanovic from the People’s Party from Kosovo, as well as Branislav Markovic, the organizer of the “1 out of 5 million” protests in Gracanica, took part in the meeting back in April.

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