Aleksic: 600 kg of marijuana from Jovanjica farm intended for Kosovo market

Serbian police recently found a cannabis production lab in Stara Pazova at the well-known „Jovanjica“ organic agricultural farm, where they seized more than four and a half tons of dried and raw marijuana. The owner of the land and company in Stara Pazova, Predrag Koluvija, was arrested. Although the news was confirmed by the minister and the police director, and the pro-governmental media have been reporting about it, opposition leaders claim that the farm was part of an organized crime involving top state officials as well as officials of the ruling SNS party. Additionally, some media not controlled by the government also reported that people in power, most notably Aleksandar Vulin and Zoran Babic, were frequent guests at the „organic“ farm. Koluvija himself often appeared in the Serbian public, as a successful organic food manufacturer.

The media also reported that 600 kg of dried and vacuumed marijuana from Jovanjica was intended for the Kosovo market. This information, however, has not been confirmed by the official authorities.

The Vice-President of the People’s Party and one of the Alliance for Serbia activists, Miroslav Aleksic also made the same allegation yesterday.

„A big state job has been terminated and when that happened, some powerful people managed to ban the media from reporting about this,“ Aleksic said at a press conference yesterday at the National Assembly of Serbia. He also added the media had been silent on this topic for 12 days and that some information about the case was concealed, including that the drug was actually intended for the Kosovo market.

About 65,000 cannabis plants were discovered, 18,000 of which were recently planted, more than 600 kg of dried and packaged marijuana was seized, and whose packages had the label „Kosovo“ – Aleksic informed the public while citing his inside police sources.

In addition to accusing top state officials of involvement in the organized production and drug trafficking, Aleksic also recalled that the brother of former secretary of state in the Ministry of Labor, Aleksandar Jablanovic, at the time Aleksandar Vulin was the Minister of Labor, had already been convicted of drug trafficking.

„A drug being transported to Kosovo was found in the car of Secretary of State, Aleksandar Jablanovic, in the ministry’s vehicle, whose minister was Aleksandar Vulin. His brother was convicted of drug trafficking. At that time, Aleksandar Vulin was a frequent guest on the Jovanjica farm and he worked on the property. Was it drugs from Jovanjica?” Aleksic underlined.

He also recalled the case of Ivan Bojovic from Kraljevo. According to him, Bojovic is a partner of SNS Vice-President, Marija Obradovic, in the privatized cooperative “Granicar” in Gakovo village, where cannabis worth 50 million dinars was also seized.

This deputy asked the authorities whether the Jovanjica estate also produced cannabis oil, which was later exported to Macedonia as oil produced in the Netherlands, and then sold for €349 in the Balkan market – in countries where the use of cannabis for medical purposes was legalized.

Aleksic described the Jovanjica organic food estate as the largest marijuana production farm in Europe. He claimed that the production of marijuana on this property near Belgrade has been going on for years, dating back to when the father of the current owner, Predrag Koluvija – Milan Koluvija, was arrested in 2012. Later, the highest government officials gave their support to this estate which formally produces organic food, and into which a foreign investor – Predrag Koluvija, who was born in Germany, allegedly invested in.

The “Jovanjica” company from Stara Pazova was known to the public as one of the largest organic food producers in Serbia, and in April this year, it received permission to produce industrial hemp in its greenhouses, Insajder reported.

Aleksic once again praised the honorable police officers – who have been presented as such by the opposition in the last few days – who discovered the cannabis farm by accident and did not want to remain silent.

According to BIRN, on November 14th, two marijuana farmers drove irresponsibly on the highway and used police sirens when overtaking. However, the top police inspectors from the Belgrade Narcotics Division were in the vehicle they were overtaking, BIRN reported.

They called the first police patrol who pulled over a white “Audi A8”. Upon getting out of the car, the passenger from the „Audi“ showed a police ID (which resembled an original police „badge“). After the ID was checked on the scene, it was revealed that the identification did not exist in the system and that it was a false document, which later led to the discovery of a marijuana plantation in the greenhouses of the Jovanjica farm in Stara Pazova.

Stefanovic: The incredible lies of the heirs of the ideology of Milovan Brkic from the Tabloid

On the other hand, the Minister of Police, Nebojsa Stefanovic told the daily newspaper Vecernje Novosti that the opposition’s claims that anyone from the state was linked to crime at the Jovanjica farm in Stara Pazova were an „absolute lie“.

„The lies I’ve been hearing for days now are unbelievable. Especially coming from those who are obviously the heirs of the ideology of Milovan Brkic from the Tabloid, who copy what he writes in the Tabloid and then read it at press conferences,” Stefanovic told reporters in Smederevo.

„It is a complete lie that anyone from our country had anything to do with the crime in Jovanjica,“ Stefanovic emphasized, noting that plants were discovered and those responsible were arrested as a result of good police work.

„This showed absolute respect for the law and the rule of law,“ he said, Novosti reported.



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