Aleksandar Ivanovic: We knew that Oliver was sentenced on trumped-up charges

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Oliver Ivanovic’s nephew, lawyer Aleksandar Ivanovic, said today that the statement of former EULEX judge Malcolm Simmons, which reveals that Oliver was served with a false war crimes indictment, although this news, is not something the family did not already know.

Ivanovic told the Beta news agency that the family knew from the very beginning that it was all rigged to remove Oliver from political life.

Oliver Ivanovic was arrested in January 2014 on suspicion of committing a war crime. He was sentenced to nine years in prison in a first instance verdict of the Basic Court in North Mitrovica. He was released three years later.

The former judge of the EULEX mission, Malcolm Simmons, said in the Assembly of Kosovo that the mission was asked to remove some people from the political scene described as „big fish“. He also mentioned Serbian politician Oliver Ivanovic in that context.

Lawyer Ivanovic said that this procedure was very poorly directed and hastily put together play with many absurd moments.

„Perhaps this bad direction is best illustrated by the moment when the prosecution brought Oliver’s Albanian neighbors, people with some personal tragedies, as witnesses, in order to accuse and link Oliver with some horrible things, but who instead asked the judge to let them approach Oliver and give him a hug because they hadn’t seen him for a long time,“ Ivanovic recalls.

According to him, the entire procedure ended with a bizarre verdict by which Oliver was sentenced to nine years in prison.

„The panel of judges knew what they were participating in, they were under pressure, so in the end they fulfilled the task, they sentenced him to nine years, but they wrote the verdict in such a way that it was clear that even first-year law students could overthrow it. And that is what happened,“ Ivanovic said.

He added that Oliver proved that he is an honorable man above all and that he had nothing to be ashamed of.

„At the great regret of the family, Oliver did not give up politics, he continued his fight where he left off. Politics and the fact that he always thought with his own head, and not someone else’s, brought only bad things and problems into his life. However, he believed that it was an obligation of honorable people to fight for their city and their country,“ Ivanovic pointed out.

He stated that Oliver Ivanovic was guided by this when he organized the defense of North Mitrovica 22 years ago from the violent attempt of Albanians to expel Serbs.

„But he was guided by the same motive when he realized that Serbs are no longer afraid of Albanians as much as they are afraid of Serbian criminals who began to control the life in that area through fear. He was determined to fight with all his might to establish a normal life in the city where he spent his whole life,“ Oliver Ivanovic’s nephew emphasized.

In the end, he added, someone stopped him in that fight by shooting him in the back, and three and a half years after that tragic act, we still do not know who shot him and on whose orders.

„One thing is certain, this amount of public attention, even though so much time has passed, shows that someone miscalculated when they thought that Oliver would remain one of the unsolved murders in Mitrovica and that everything would be quickly forgotten,“ Ivanovic assessed.

He shared his belief that the recordings and evidence exist.

„It is an area with ​​only a few streets covered with a large number of cameras and it is impossible that there are no recordings. On the contrary, not even a mosquito can fly undetected in that territory, let alone for someone to carry out a professional hit,“ he said.

According to him, it is more than obvious that there is no political readiness at this moment to solve this murder.

„But one thing is certain, the political situation will change, and thus the readiness that those responsible are brought to justice. It is the obligation of the family to never forget that, we will fight for the truth to come out at some point and for those responsible for Oliver’s murder to be held accountable before the law,“ lawyer Aleksandar Ivanovic told Beta.

Oliver Ivanovic was shot dead on January 16th, 2018, in North Mitrovica. The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, stated at the time that the state of Serbia would reveal all the details related to the murder of Ivanovic within a week. 



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