Albanian historians from Decani urge the US to officially recognize that Serbia committed genocide in Kosovo in 1999

Američka ambasada umetničko delo

Serbia committed genocide in Kosovo in 1999 – reads the message that has been increasingly arriving from Pristina. In addition to officials from the ruling structure, the League of Kosovo Historians „Ali Hadri“, the Decani branch, conveyed the same message on Sunday. The historians also sent a request, through the US ambassador to Kosovo, Philip Kosnett, to the USA to officially recognize that Serbia committed genocide in 1998-1999.

In a letter published by Pristina-based Gazeta Express, the Kosovo historians underlined that the “centuries-old Albanian-American friendship is a sincere friendship, built on the foundations of understanding and sincere trust, and this friendship served as an example to other countries throughout the world.“

A few days ago, the same organization urged the Kosovo Cadastral Agency (KCA) once again not to implement the decision of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo to return 24 ha of monastery land to Visoki Decani.

They also alleged that Albanians are „eternally“ grateful to the US for „coming to the rescue in the most important moments in the history of the Albanian people.“ They highlighted the role of several US presidents, such as Wilson, Truman, the Bushes (Bush Sr. because he „put a red dot on Kosovo for the Serbian state“, and Bush Jr. for officially recognizing the independence of Kosovo) and Clinton (for “leading the campaign of the US and NATO allies for the liberation of Kosovo from Serb occupation and slavery, leaving behind almost 100 years of Serbia’s occupation and rule over Kosovo“) in resolving the Albanian issue.

The Decani branch of the League of Kosovo Historians „Ali Hadri“ also sent a request to the US ambassador, demanding that “the United States officially recognizes the genocide committed by the Serb state in Kosovo during 1998-1999.“

In addition to claims that Serbia committed genocide in Kosovo, they are also holding it responsible for all the murders, massacres, rapes, arson, and damage to the Kosovo economy. They underlined that 22 years after the war, light has not been shed on the fate of the many Albanians who went missing during the war.

Political officials from the ruling structure in Kosovo have also repeatedly claimed that Serbia committed genocide in Kosovo in 1999, including the President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, who has so far only spoken about the Albanian victims while presenting Serbia as the only side that committed crimes.

Last week, she visited several sites where Albanians were killed during the war, describing Poklek as the „Kosovo Holocaust“. The president of the Kosovo Assembly, Glauk Konjufca, who accompanied Osmani, also sent messages about genocide, alleging that Serbia’s goal „was to exterminate the Albanian people.“

Osmani also recently announced a lawsuit against Serbia for genocide.

She said that Kosovo would prepare for this court procedure, without specifying before which court, while remarking that „most of the witnesses are still alive, and the evidence is there.“

Two years ago, the Humanitarian Law Center of Kosovo warned the Kosovo Assembly to pay attention to legal qualifications, bearing in mind that even 20 years since the end of the conflict, there is no verdict which qualified crimes in Kosovo as genocide.

„The fate of many Albanians is still unknown, who went missing, were constantly killed and massacred by the Serbian state.“

Apart from Serbs and Serbia, they also accused the church of killing Albanians. They alleged that the genocide against Albanians was carried out from 1912 to 1999.

„The state, the church, and the Serbian people continue to murder Albanians. This has been taking place since 1912 when the Albanian lands were occupied by the Serbian army and state. From 1912 to 1999, Serbia committed a continuous and systematic genocide against Kosovo Albanians,“ the historians claim, adding that there are „thousands of facts and evidence“ that testify to the genocide „the state, the church, and the Serb people committed against the Kosovo Albanians.“

Finally, they expressed hope that their requests would be taken into consideration by the State Department and the White House.



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