Aktiv: Milicevic physically and verbally abused by special unit members near Jarinje; KP denies, Svecla requests a KPI investigation

Baza Jarinje Specijalci KP policija

The Kosovo police denied allegations that police officers attacked the director of NGO Aktiv, Miodrag Milicevic, stating that nothing of the kind happened „in Jarinje“. This NGO, however, announced that Milicevic was attacked near Jarinje by special units of the Kosovo Police, which are not stationed at the crossing. The KP has yet to respond to KoSSev’s request for clarification.

The NGO Aktiv said that the incident occurred around 9:30 a.m. today when special units allegedly pulled over Milicevic near the Jarinje crossing.

They specified that Milicevic was both verbally and physically abused and that a member of the special police punched him in the stomach. The police also allegedly shouted at the Aktiv director and questioned him on why he does not have Kosovo documents.

In connection with the claims presented by Aktiv, KoSSev contacted the Kosovo Police, which denied the allegations of this organization in the meantime.

While Aktiv states that the incident took place near Jarinje and that it was committed by special forces, the KP, however, denied the claims that the attack took place „in Jarinje“.

„The Kosovo Police, to properly inform the public about the articles published/reported by various organizations such as: ‘NGO Aktiv’ and others, where, according to them, policemen attacked Mr. Miodrag Milicevic today in Jarinje, informs you that this report is untrue,“ KP said.

They also added that Milicevic continued to travel in the direction of Serbia “unhindered” after „having completed the border procedure“.

„Today at 09:28 the person in question (M.M.) appeared with his vehicle at the SPK-Jarinje border crossing and after completing the border procedure he continued unhindered in the direction of the Republic of Serbia. It must be underlined that there were no incidents and that he wasn’t mistreated as stated or alluded to in the published articles,“ the police added.

They also say that additional measures were taken and that the police officers on duty in Jarinje „also asked the Serbian side if anyone had filed a complaint“.

They emphasize that the shift supervisor of the „Serbian side“ confirmed that no such complaints have been filed.

„Therefore, based on the real situation and official reports, we believe that the public should be properly and correctly informed so that such misinformation does not attempt to denigrate the professional work of police officers, as well as not to create tension and uncertainty among citizens,“ added the Kosovo Police.

Finally, they say that they are committed to fulfilling „their mission and vision“ – to enforce the law throughout Kosovo professionally and efficiently for all citizens.

KoSSev once again reached out to KP to clarify the situation, taking into account that the NGO Aktiv alleged that the attack was not carried out by members of special units at the crossing, but near it. No answer had arrived by the time this news was published.

Members of the special units of the Kosovo Police are not stationed in Jarinje but in a newly built base not far from this crossing. A similar base is also located near the Brnjak crossing.

Svecla: I asked for a report, KPI to launch an investigation

In the meantime, Kosovo Minister of Internal Affairs, Xhelal Svecla, also reacted, saying that during his frequent visits to Jarinje he was assured of the „exemplary behavior of the policemen“.

However, he claims that he requested a report from the border police officers, and for the Kosovo Police Inspectorate to initiate an investigation regarding these claims.

Svecla announced that he would inform citizens about the results in „record time“.

OPEN Initiative: Perpetrators from the ranks of the KP to be punished

In the meantime, the OPEN initiative issued a statement, expressing a „strong protest“ regarding the harassment of the director of the NGO Aktiv.

„This is just one of a series of incidents that happened in recent months in Serbian areas in the north of Kosovo, caused by members of the Kosovo special police forces.“

They called on the Kosovo government and other independent institutions to investigate this and other similar incidents and punish the perpetrators from the ranks of the Kosovo Police.

„The aggressive and illegal behavior of special police forces in Serbian areas in the north of Kosovo represents a security risk that can lead to unforeseeable consequences,“ they assessed.

Furthermore, they urged the EU and the Quint countries, KFOR and EULEX, to become more actively involved in monitoring the security situation and take note of the behavior of special police forces in the municipalities in the north of Kosovo.

This is just one in a series of complaints made recently by the citizens of the north about the behavior of members of special police units.

Citizens often complain that policemen armed with firearms are attempting to perform the work of the traffic police and that they often address them in Albanian – a language many citizens of the north do not speak.

They describe the behavior of the special forces as „hostile“, noting that they feel intimidated.

A North Mitrovica resident testified for KoSSev yesterday that a „hostile“ five-member police patrol pulled him over and searched him, also near the Jarinje crossing.

The Kosovo police, however, have repeatedly insisted that the special police deployed in the north perform their work in accordance with the law and regulations.

The main goal is to preserve public order and security and to prevent organized crime, and no police unit and border police have the intention to cause or create insecurity, on the contrary, the police emphasized.

The latest license plate-related crisis is underway in Kosovo. After Pristina decided to introduce reregistration in phases, starting with issuing reprimands to owners of cars with Serbian license plates of towns in Kosovo, Serbs from the north withdrew from Kosovo institutions in large numbers.

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