A vehicle with Serbian license plates torched in Lesak

Akcija protiv šverca
Foto: KoSSev

Another vehicle was set on fire in the north of Kosovo last night. The torched car had plates with markings of a town in Serbia proper, the deputy commander of the Kosovo Police for the region north, Veton Elshani, confirmed for KoSSev.

The Volkswagen „Sharan“ vehicle was parked on Ivo Lola Ribar Street, near the owner’s home.

The car arson was reported to the police at around 5 o’clock this morning, after which they arrived at the scene. Firemen were also present at the site.

There are no suspects so far, and the motive remains unknown, but the investigation is ongoing, Elshani told KoSSev.

A dozen privately-owned were subject to arson attacks in all four northern municipalities over the past several months. Most of them were registered to RKS license plates. Serbs from the north, with the support of Belgrade, have refused to register their vehicles to RKS.

This is the 79th confirmed case of car arson in Serb-majority areas, mostly in the north, since 2014. Also, several cases of car damage, or attempted arson, have been reported.

A little more than two weeks ago, an excavator was also set on fire in Zvecan.

Aside from a bombing case, as well as at least case of automobile arson during the October 2021 unrest in the north, and the excavator arson last month, this is the 79th case of vehicle arson in Serb-populated areas since 2014. See the full list of car torchings HERE.

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