A Serb from Strpce stopped today at Breznica crossing, interrogated by BIA?

Foto: Ok Radio

A Serb from Strpce was allegedly stopped for over 12 hours at the Breznica crossing and then allowed to pass through Konculj. He furthermore claimed that he was interrogated by the BIA.

While traveling to Serbia proper for a medical appointment through the Breznica crossing, Goran Vasiljevic from the village of Sevce, a municipality of Strpce, was allegedly not allowed to enter for longer than 12 hours. The news was confirmed by Vasiljevic himself for KoSSev in several phone conversations.

Shortly before the news was published, Vasiljevic revealed that he and his son and two relatives finally „got the green light“ – as they were told to go to another crossing – Konculj.

„They made us wait a little even now, but they sent us to another crossing – Konculj. Thank God, we crossed and are now on our way to Leskovac (Serbian city),“ Vasiljevic confirmed for KoSSev in a telephone conversation late this evening.

Vasiljevic previously told KoSSev that the Serbian police reportedly did not allow him, his son, and two relatives to continue their journey at the Breznica crossing in the municipality of Bujanovac this morning.

He claimed that they have done so for no particular reason.

„They won’t let me pass. I was kept there without any explanation, without any paper. Simply, I was forbidden from entering Serbia,“ he explained at the time.

Although claiming that he is not politically active and that he is unemployed, Vasiljevic suspected that he was allegedly detained for political reasons. He also revealed the reason behind his suspicion was the type of questions the police officers and members of other units posed to Vasiljevic.

„The point of the story and their excuse for detention is because I do not support the local government in the municipality of Strpce, more precisely Srpska Lista – which is my right,“ he said.

Vasiljevic claimed to obey law so far, being allegedly without a “single sentence or warrant”.

In the meantime, KoSSev contacted the BIA (Serbian Intelligence Agency) in writing to confirm this news, but no response had arrived by the time the news was published.

The KoSSev portal also contacted the Kosovo Office regarding the matter. They asked us to wait for them to obtain the necessary information and verify the news, that is, that the alleged event actually took place.

Kosovo Serb politician, Rada Trajkovic, also reacted to the claims that Vasiljevic was prevented from entering central Serbia. Trajkovic posed the question as to why was this Serbian citizen from Strpce banned from passing through the border crossing.

According to Trajkovic, Vasiljevic is an opposition activist whose political stance is not in line with SL’s stance, which is why he had also been physically attacked in the past.
Trajkovic questioned whether that is the reason behind the unconstitutional discrimination of Vasiljevic.



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