A group of N.Mitrovica citizens call for a ‘NO’ vote in the referendum; Serbs from Kosovo to vote in Raska?

„Vote ‘No’ in the referendum, defend Kosmet and the Constitution“ – several North Mitrovica residents sent a message to the citizens of Serbia ahead of tomorrow’s referendum on constitutional changes. Meanwhile, as a result of contradictory information that arrived from Pristina and Belgrade in the last few days, it remains unclear whether Serbs from Kosovo will be allowed to vote in the referendum. According to the latest unofficial information, employees of Serbian institutions have already been called to vote in Raska tomorrow.

Four citizens of North Mitrovica – Nebojsa Jovic, Ivan Miletic, Igor Virijevic, and Nebojsa Miletic, displayed a banner with the inscription „Serbian Mitrovica says – save Kosmet. Vote ‘No’ in the referendum, defend Kosmet and the Constitution“ on the town’s promenade today.

Nebojsa Jovic, who was recently appointed the chief commissioner of the Commission of the Movement for the Defense of KiM in Kosovo, told the media that they came out today as citizens.

He clarified that they initially believed if Serbs from Kosovo are not allowed to vote that the referendum should not be held or that it should be postponed because, in his words, such a referendum would not be “legitimate or legal.”

In the meantime, however, the Law on Referendum was changed, that is, the election threshold for a successful referendum was abolished.

Jovic cited this change in the law as the reason why, on the eve of the referendum, they call on the citizens of Serbia proper to vote “No.”

„Once we realized that we could not prevent that referendum, then we knew that it would be better to vote in the referendum. I appeal to everyone in Serbia proper, political factors, associations, individuals – forget the boycott, vote ‘No’,“ Jovic explained.

Expect the next referendum to be about the recognition of Kosovo

According to Jovic, amending the Constitution would open a „Pandora’s box“, which could one day lead to the recognition of Kosovo.

„When that Pandora’s box opens, then you can expect everything. It is only a matter of time, maybe even by the end of the year there will be a question – ‘Are you in favor of an agreement with Pristina’ or ‘Are you in favor of recognizing an independent Kosovo’, regardless of what form it is shaped,“ he said.

This referendum must not pass, I urge our brothers in Serbia proper to go to the referendum and vote ‘no’

In case the referendum is postponed, and then organized in the territory of Kosovo, Jovic says that those who are not part of Srpska Lista should be allowed to have their own regulators at the polling stations in Kosovo, to monitor the process and counting of votes.

Voting in Raska?

Previously, the head of the Kosovo Office, Petar Petkovic, has claimed that Serbs from Kosovo not only want to vote – but also that they are in favor of the changes to the Constitution.

On Friday, Srpska Lista chief and the Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo, and a Kosovan Minister, Goran Rakic, also urged the citizens to vote in the referendum.

On the other hand, it is still uncertain how Kosovo Serbs will vote, given Pristina’s insistence that the voting must take place solely in the premises of the Liaison Office in Pristina or through the mail and Belgrade’s refusal to agree to this.

The issue is connected to sovereignty. Kosovan authorities believe it is unacceptable for Serbian institutions to organize voting on the territory of the „Republic of Kosovo“, while Belgrade does not recognize the Kosovo authorities. In the meantime, the European Union, along with the Quint countries, called on Pristina to enable Serbian citizens to vote, i.e. to enable „vote tallying“, while also urging official Belgrade to recognize the Kosovo authorities, i.e. Kosovo’s independence.

Voting outside Kosovo for the first time?

Meanwhile, the information that voting will take place in Raska instead of Kosovo started circulating today in Kosovo Serbs areas.

Aleksandar Arsenijevic, the leader of GI Srpski Opstanak, confirmed for KoSSev that, according to his findings, employees of Serbian institutions in northern Kosovo are set to depart to Raska at 8 am tomorrow in order to vote in the referendum.

Yesterday, Arsenijevic called on the citizens of Kosovo to hold a protest on Sunday at noon due to Serbs in Kosovo not being allowed to vote.

If this information on the voting in Raska proves to be true it will mark the first time that voting for Serbian citizens from Kosovo is organized outside the territory of Kosovo.

Since the beginning of the Brussels process, all election cycles of Serbia held in Kosovo so far were carried out with the mediation of the OSCE, and described as „vote tallying“.

For years now, Kosovo Serbs have been obtaining personal documents, getting vaccinated, or settling lawsuits in cities outside Kosovo – Raska, Nis, Vranje and Leskovac, Kursumlija, and Belgrade. Also, their passports are not issued by the Serbian Ministry of the Interior. Instead, they are issued by the Serbian Coordination Directorate.

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