3 new coronavirus cases in the north of Kosovo; Spiric refuses to answer whether shops will be closed during the Easter holiday

Three new coronavirus cases have been registered in the north of Kosovo, bringing the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Kosovo Serb communities to 72 (two of whom passed away), Desanka Novakovic of the North Mitrovica Public Health Institute said at a press conference today.

Two new cases have been reported in the municipality of North Mitrovica and one new case has been recorded in Leposavic.

Two of the newly infected patients have been placed at the student dormitories, while the third person has been hospitalized.

A total of 584 people have been tested up until yesterday, 72 of whom tested positive.

So far, a total of 31 cases have been confirmed in North Mitrovica (one patient passed away), 18 in Zvecan, 13 in Zubin Potok and 9 in Leposavic (one patient passed away), and one case in Gracanica.

Double measures?

During today’s official press conference of the emergency team, the head of the Kosovska Mitrovica Provisional Authority, Aleksandar Spiric urged citizens to abide by the advice of the head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric, who said that the citizens should „consistently and strictly abide by the 24-hour curfew and all other measures prescribed by emergency teams led by our mayors in the field.“

Spiric, however, avoided answering the question on whether the shops will be open during the weekend – bearing in mind the decision of the government of Serbia to impose a curfew during the Easter holidays.

When asked by the KoSSev portal journalist whether the emergency team will introduce any additional measures over the weekend – during the Easter holidays, and whether the shops will be open during the weekend i.e. before Tuesday, Spiric initially said:

„We wish you plenty of success during the holiday season. We believe that the recommendation is to stay home, not only during the holidays but in upcoming days as well, so that we could preserve this fourth and fifth week – which are crucial for all of us, is well-intentioned.“

When the journalist once again asked whether the shops will be open, Spiric’s reply was even shorter:

„Thank you, we are done.”

The latest measures, which also confused citizens, were not clarified at this time. Contrary to this, the emergency team explained the latest measures – which allows citizens to move freely only 90-minutes per day – on the very day these measures came into force, with the conference to declare announcing these measures happened the night before, half an hour after midnight.



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