Zvecan Municipality’s vacancy announcement for over 20 work positions published in Pristina’s Bota Sot, not in Serbian media

The Zvecan municipality announced a competition for over 20 work positions at the beginning of the year, which, as this municipality confirmed to KoSSev, was published in the Pristina-based newspaper Bota Sot and on the bulletin board of the municipality. In addition to the aforementioned Pristina newspaper, which reports in the Albanian language and is not available for sale in the Zvecan municipality, local media were not informed of this competition, nor was it featured on the website of the municipality. The municipality, however, claims that the legal procedure was „respected“.

Vacancy announcement for 25 new jobs in the Kosovo system in the municipality of Zvecan was announced in the Pristina daily, Bota Sot, on January 4th of this year. The competition, which lasted until January 18th, was not published, however, in any local media or on the website of Zvecan municipality, whereby potential candidates who do not speak Albanian or buy newspapers in Albanian were deprived of information about this employment opportunity.

Although the vacancy announcement was published in the Serbian language, the access to this information was made much more difficult for the residents of the municipalities in the north due to the fact that the newspaper from Pristina is not sold in the territory of these municipalities.

The previous competition for over 100 jobs in the same municipality, however, was published in December 2017 and announced on the website of the municipality Zvecan.

Moreover, in 2017, the Mayor of the Municipality of Zvecan announced the vacancies by sending a statement to the local media.

„Regarding the vacancies announced in the daily newspaper Bota Sot on January 4th, all legal regulations were respected, as it is a newspaper with a national frequency. Also, the ad was featured on the municipal bulletin board and the Office for Communities, as a form of conventional advertising. The great response of the candidates who applied for the requested positions speaks in favor of this,” the municipality said in response to a request that we sent through the site of the municipality of Zvecan.

Pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 1.2 of Article 17 of the Regulation on recruitment procedure in the civil service, institutions are obliged to publish employment advertisements in daily newspapers and electronic media, on the government website, as well as the website of the institution that is announcing the competition.

Otherwise, the recruitment process is considered irregular.



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