Zoran Djokic pleads not guilty before the Pristina court

Zoran Đokić
FOTO: Kohavision/Printscreen

The trial against Zoran Djokic from Pec began at the Special Court in Pristina on Thursday. Djokic is charged with war crimes committed against the civilian population in Pec during March and April of 1999. „I’m not guilty“ – he briefly stated before the Pristina court.

According to the indictment of the Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office issued in June, Djokic is suspected of committing crimes against the civilian population – in cooperation with an unidentified criminal group of people of Serbian ethnicity – in the settlement of Kristal in Pec during March and April of 1999. The indictment reads that the suspects „forcibly entered the houses belonging to Albanians, forced the inhabitants to leave their homes, physically and mentally abused them, and murdered them.“

On the other hand, Djokic’s lawyer, Ljubomir Pantovic, based on the initial review of the indictment, said that the prosecution does not possess enough evidence and that the witnesses are „not credible.“

„There is no evidence here. It is all circumstantial. Not a single witness saw Zoran Djokic at the scene of the crime. They heard from other people that he participated in that. That some Zoran Djokic took part in it,“ Pantovic said, adding that the „proposed prosecution witnesses were those whose family members were murdered. They all say that they did not see him. They did not recognize him. They did not know him, but that they heard from neighbors that Zoran Djokic had participated in it.“

Kosovo police arrested Zoran Djokic on February 2nd at the Jarinje border crossing. Djokic has been in detention ever since.

He was initially remanded for a month-long custody, which was later extended to a further two months. Djokic’s lawyer, Ljubomir Pantovic then told Radio Kontakt Plus that the conduct of the court and the prosecution in this case is extremely illegal and detrimental to his client.



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