Young Kosovo Serb journalists visit “Klan Kosova” TV in Pristina

kljan kosova
foto: KoSSev

If you want to be a good journalist, you need to work hard. If you don’t, then you won’t achieve success. The reason why we are a good television station is that, while working, we never pay attention to what time it is or how late it is. We are chasing after news even at 8 o’clock in the evening. And people say bravo – that is exactly what a good journalist should be like.Such a message was conveyed to an eight member group of young Kosovo Serb journalists group during their visit to Kosovo’s largest television station in Pristina today by Gazmend Syla, TV Klan Kosova news program director

Broadcasting for the last ten years, Klan Kosova TV is unique in its appearance and work. Located on the outskirts of Pristina, it spans thousands of square meters of a former Yugoslav battery factory, made from recycled, environmentally friendly material. With 15 studios and about 200 employees, a 24h program with diverse content, is one of the most popular TV stations among Kosovo Albanians and is often described as one of the largest in the Balkans.

It also serves as a multimedia center, with a large concert hall and other cultural facilities, restaurants and cafes for employees and guests. Klan Kosova is still being built and upgraded.

Poseta Kljanu Kosova
Foto: KoSSev

Young journalists from six newsrooms reporting in the Serbian language – RTV Mir, Radio Mitrovica Sever, Radio Kontakt Plus, KoSSev, RTV Kim from Caglavica and Radio Gorazdevac – visited the Klan Kosova TV station yesterday.

Previously, young journalists from Kosovo have visited several well-known media outlets in Belgrade. The visit was organized by the KoSSev portal.

Gazmend Syla, the head of the news program at Klan Kosova TV, welcomed his younger colleagues and spoke Serbian while answering many of their questions.

The journalists visited the studios where the program is filmed. According to Syle, it is one of the best equipped studios in Kosovo.

Poseta Kljanu Kosova
Foto: KoSSev

They also observed the filming of one of the entertainment shows for young people in one of the 15 studios of Klan Kosova.

Marija Jovanovic, a RTV Kim journalist from Caglavica, was very pleased with yesterday’s visit:

Marija Jovanović
Foto: KoSSev

„Although I come from a smaller local newsroom, I am thrilled that such a large TV station as Klan Kosova exists in Kosovo. It is fascinating that around two hundred people work here, while only a few people work on ours. By what I could see today, they report on a variety of topics,” this young journalist said.

RTV Mir journalist from Leposavic, Filip Radojevic, who visited this TV station for the second time, was impressed once again.

„This is my second time being here at the Klan Kosova newsroom, but I am impressed once again. I think that the dream of every journalist, and especially those of us who work in television, is to work and film in studios such as Klan Kosova’s. Through discussions with their editors, we got acquainted with their work, presented our newsrooms and I hope that we will stay in touch and that we will cooperate in the future,” Radojevic concluded.

At the end of the visit, Syle had one final message for his Serb colleagues – there is no success without hard work.

„There would be no success without hard work. Here, everyone leaves work after a solid 8 hours, and no one regrets if they stay ten hours or more. And no one asks to come later the next day just because they stayed a few hours longer the day before. Everyone wants to work here and they like it here. The reason why we are a good television station is that we, while working, never pay attention to what time it is or how late it is. When something happens at 7 or 8 o’clock in the evening, we go there, we chase the news. And people say bravo – that is exactly what a good journalist should be like. Work hard if you want to be good journalists, and if you don’t, then I don’t know what to say to you,” Syle concluded.

The visit to Klan Kosova Television is part of activities included in a two-year support program by the US Embassy in Pristina for objective journalism to the Kosovo Sever portal, Radio Kosovska Mitrovica, Radio Kontakt Plus and RTV Kim.





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