Xharra: I’m worried about the inexperienced Health Minister and that an agreement used only as a good photo op will be made

Foto: Pristina Insight

An inexperienced Minister of Health, a quick and bad deal with Serbia and an agreement with Srpska Lista, which is likely to be very compromising – a journalist and the head of BIRN Kosovo, Jeta Xharra cited as her biggest worries when it comes to the new Kosovo government, the second government voted in the same, seventh convocation of the Assembly of Kosovo.

According to Xharra, the Avdullah Hoti-led government conditioned by posts will not bring a better quality of life to Kosovo citizens.

“We will see now that this will be a government with many more posts, more deputy PMs, more deputy Ministers which are posts awarded just to get enough votes in the parliament to pass this government,” she told KoSSev.

The Kosovo government was overthrown in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak, and it has been functioning in a technical mandate for the last month and a half. Despite such a situation, however, the work of the former Minister of Health, Arben Vitia received numerous positive reactions, both in Kosovo and in the European media. Vitia will now be replaced by Armend Zemaj (LDK). In a statement for KoSSev, Xharra singled out his appointment as one of the three biggest concerns regarding the new government.

“Minister of Health, who is key in making decisions over the pandemic which is not over yet, has no experience whatsoever with health issues,” she stressed.

She also underlined that the possibility of signing an agreement with Serbia is worrying. It is the widespread expectation of the public in Pristina that the new government was voted in order to continue the dialogue with Belgrade, and that the readiness to remove obstacles to continue the dialogue, i.e. normalization of trade relations with Serbia, is part of the coalition agreement between LDK and Srpska Lista.

“I am also worried over the hurry to sign a bad deal with Serbia which is going to be a good photo for some in the US but it is going to be terrible for people on the ground.”

Finally, Xharra expressed concern over the coalition agreement between the LDK and Srpska Lista, that is, the persistent refusal of the LDK to publish the details of that agreement, warning that this agreement is “very likely to be very compromising.”

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