Who killed Oliver? The investigative authorities don’t know, the tabloids do

The Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic spoke at a media conference on Wednesday of the suspicions allegedly raised by Serbian investigating authorities about the involvement of Florim Ejupi, the main suspect in the crime in Livadice, in the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. Vucic revealed that the Serbian authorities „think they know the name“ of the person who shot Ivanovic. Judging by the front pages of Serbian tabloids, the entire murder case was solved in just the two days that followed Vucic’s speech.

Ejupi – a CIA protégé is the „brain“ behind Ivanovic’s liquidation? He arrived from Germany via Tirana just before the murder. He is suspected of blowing up a „Nis Express“ bus, after which he escaped from Bondsteel – Belgrade-based newspaper Novosti reported.

In the eyewitness’ words to the Blic daily, Ejupi laughed and boasted of mass murder. Unlike Novosti, which suspect that Ejupi is a CIA protégé, Belgrade-based tabloid Telegraf revealed its own discovery the following day – The German secret service is the one who is protecting him, and not only that, it helped him arrive in Pristina and then immediately return to Germany.

Meanwhile, the Kurir tabloid completed an “exclusive reconstruction” of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. Thus, the readers of the Kurir could discover how Ejupi and Zekaj followed Ivanovic and analyzed his habits, where they obtained the car used during the assassination, how Ejupi fired the shots and how the escape was organized, where the clues from the scene of the crime were destroyed and finally, to which country they fled from Pristina airport.

Unlike the Serbian and Kosovo investigative authorities, Kurir also discovered the name of the perpetrator of this crime. This tabloid claimed that the perpetrator is the president of the Kosovo Assembly, Kadri Veseli, the „Lord of Kosovo,“ who is surrounded by a “trail of blood.”

There are those, however, who are “derailing the investigation into this murder,” Blic revealed today. The bomber’s lawyer is the “leader of the negative campaign” led against Serbia. According to Blic, lawyer Mahmut Halimi is „the protector of the bomber Ejupi.“ Halimi is, on the other hand, also the lawyer of Marko Rosic, one of the arrested Serbs suspected of participating in the murder, whose release is strongly requested by the Serbian officials.

By all accounts, the investigative authorities will either confirm or deny these allegations or, as in the case of the murder of Serbian folk singer Jelena Marjanovic, the case of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic will continue to be solved only on the cover pages of tabloids for years to come in spite of Vucic’s repeated claims in both of the cases they have the solution to the crimes.

Below we publish recent cover pages of daily newspapers and tabloids reporting in Serbian:

petak blic 5. jul

petak kurir 5. jul

novosti četvrtak 4. jul

blic, subota 6. jul

alo četvrtak

blic cetvrtak 04. jul

engel politika 5. jul

telegraf cetvrtak 4. jul

petak novosti 5. jul

politika petak 5. jul




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