What was seized during KP operation in the north?


Early this morning, Kosovo Police carried out operations in five locations spanning three northern municipalities: Zvecan, Zubin Potok and North Mitrovica, in connection with the last weekend’s events in the village of Banjska.

According to confirmed information, mainly property belonging to Milan Radoičić, the now-former Srpska Lista vice-president was searched, as well as the property of Vladimir Radivojević, better known as Mami. Both Radoičić and Radiojević were connected with the events in the village of Banjska on September 24th by the Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office.

Special units also entered two facilities of the North Mitrovica Hospital Center. The Prosecutor’s Office confirmed today that these actions were not carried out in the parts of the hospital where patients are treated.

The director of this hospital, Zlatan Elek, also confirmed this today, noting that the actions were carried out in the hospital’s boiler room and laundry room, but also that the special police who carried out these actions did not find anything. As proof of this, Elek shared a record with the media at an urgent press conference held today.

At the same time, the KoSSev news team was able to verify that the police seized several luxury vehicles, as well as paper bags whose contents still remains unknown from the underground garage of a building in North Mitrovica linked to Milan Radoičić.

Police shared a list of what was seized today during the inspection of the property of the two suspects:

„Two Mercedes vehicles, 4.84 kg of silver, 4×4 motor, one boat-ship, two bulletproof plates with two buffers, three knives, two routers, two car keys, five bullet casings, one drone, five USBs, one GoPro camera – SSD, video camera with card, optical sight, one spray bottle and seven mobile phones.“

At the same time, the Special Prosecutor’s Office states that they will submit a request to the competent court for the confiscation of a villa on the shore of Lake Gazivode, as well as one penthouse and one bar.

The villa in question is allegedly owned by Milan Radoičić, and was also searched by KP this morning.

The head of the Kosovo MIA, Xhelal Svecla, shared a video of this luxury villa situated on the cliff next to which one of several tunnels is located on the main road to Brnjak.

„This proves that Milan Radoičić and his associates have become multi-millionaires under the guise of defenders of citizens,“ said Svecla.

While the Kosovo authorities are looking for evidence of Radoičić’s involvement in the clashes in the village of Banjska, Milan Radoičić confirmed today through his lawyer that he organized and participated in this action.

„Together with my compatriots from the north of Kosovo, I came to the north of Kosovo on September 24 in the area of Banjska. The reason for our return was to encourage the Serbian people to resist the terror of Kurti’s regime and to protect our people who are exposed to that terror every day and create conditions for the realization of the dream of my people’s freedom in the north of Kosovo,“ Radoičić confirmed in his statement read by his lawyer Goran Petronijević.

He also revealed that he did not inform the government structures of the Republic of Serbia, nor the political structures from the north of Kosovo about his activities.

“Nor did I have any help from them, because by then we already had different views on the previous methods of resisting Kurti’s terror.”

At the same time, Radoičić tendered his resignation from the position of vice-president of Srpska Lista.

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