Vucic with Putin: There will be no recognition without compromise

Vučić i Putin
Photo: Printscreen, Kurir

If Belgrade and Pristina reach a compromise solution on the Kosovo issue, Russia would be willing to support it – the Russian President, Vladimir Putin said in Sochi today. However, according to the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, who is on an official visit to Russia, expectations for a compromise are „slim“.

„I conveyed my low expectations to President Putin regarding the negotiations with the Albanian side. Bearing in mind, first of all, their statements and announcements, but also attempts to get recognition of their independence by placing additional pressures, all without Serbia getting anything. It is not possible. It is not realistic. It will not happen,“ the Serbian President said today.

Vucic also thanked Putin for supporting the territorial integrity and political interests of Serbia, especially when it comes to the United Nations, and promised that Serbia would return the support.

Vladimir Putin presented a similar stance on the Kosovo issue. He reiterated Russia’s well-known position – that Resolution 1244 needs to be respected.

„Our position remains unchanged. The solution should be based on UNSCR 1244, which outlines the fundamental principles of the peaceful resolution of the Kosovo crisis, respect for Serbia’s territorial integrity, and adequate protection of the legitimate interests of all ethnic groups living in the region,“ Putin said at a joint conference with President Vucic in Sochi.

However, he also added that Russia is ready to support Belgrade’s position even if Belgrade’s position is a „compromise solution“.

„If Belgrade and Pristina reach a possible compromise solution on the Kosovo issue, Russia would be willing to support it. We will support Belgrade’s position, of course“ Putin said.



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