Vucic: Where would you hang me if I talked about the unification of Serbia with another territory?

„Kurti is threatening with direct unification with Albania, but what would happen If I said something similar about unification with some other territories – would you hang me in Washington, New York, Paris, Brussels?“ – the Serbian president, Aleksandar Vucic, asked international officials today while commenting on a recent statement made by the Kosovo prime minister.

Last weekend, the Kosovan Prime Minister, Albin Kurti said that he would vote for unification with Albania in a referendum only if it is presented democratically, while also noting that this is not a priority in this term of his government.

This statement, which Kurti previously made in the past, was later criticized by Serbian officials

It was not until today’s press conference that Vucic commented on Kurti’s statement, saying that he did not want to react to it, as the Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabic already did. According to the president, Brnabic „asked many people in Europe if they would say something about the threats,” considering that they were made by „the Prime Minister of the Provisional Institutions in Pristina“.

„He is threatening with direct unification with Albania, and I asked one of the ambassadors I had a meeting with on Sunday – ‘what would happen if I said something similar about unification with some other territories – would you hang me in Washington, New York, Paris, Brussels? I know I wouldn’t be alive for long after that. All the world’s media would be buzzing about it and making incredible stories out of it and scaring the whole world with the Greater Serbia hegemony,“ Vucic estimated.

On the other hand, when it comes to Greater Albanian ideas and Greater Albanian hegemony, it does not cause any fear or suspicion among them – the president underlined.

„It is a regular thing for them, maybe in some monthly, nonsensical report they will note that it was not a smart statement and that would be all,“ the President of Serbia said.

Vucic also criticized the EP rapporteur for Kosovo, Viola von Cramon, alleging that she promotes anti-Serbian and even anti-civilization behavior, and that she likes to „preach“ to everyone.

He noted that Cramon reacted and shared her view of many things that took place in Serbia, while failing to do the same when it comes to the statement of Albin Kurti, despite her role as the rapporteur for Kosovo.

„It didn’t cross her mind to criticize the Greater Albania aspirations and statements of Albin Kurti. It does not occur to them to do so. And that illustrates their objectivity and lack of good intentions towards the Republic of Serbia,“ Vucic said.

In his words, it is up to Belgrade to tell the truth and not insult the international community. He also emphasized that this is hypocrisy on the part of the international community, which is only set to increase.

Commenting on the visits of the Kosovo president and two ministers from the Kosovo government to Canada and meetings with several international officials at which they accused Serbia and Russia of destabilizing the region, Vucic said:

„When you can’t concentrate on what you can do for your people, then the whole focus of politics lies on hatred towards someone.“

He remarked that the Kosovan officials are visiting countries that have already recognized them and where they already have long-standing support.

„Support they have been receiving for a long time – thirteen years and long before that, (cf. the support of those) that enabled them to drop bombs on Serb cities, on the Serb army and police in 1999. Not a novelty,“ Vucic said.

Addressing Spain’s announcement that it will open an office in Pristina, and speculation that it could recognize Kosovo, the Serbian president revealed that he recently spoke to the Spanish prime minister and that he is practically certain that the country’s position on this issue will not change.

„I am not part of the Spanish government, but I know our Spanish friends, the firmness of Prime Minister Sanchez, I talked to their king in Abu Dhabi, and when I met him in Kazakhstan as well,“ the Serbian president said, adding that he is „almost absolutely certain that our Spanish friends will remain firm in respecting international public law and UN norms.“

Vucic also addressed Pristina’s lobbying today, revealing what Serbia’s response would be if another country were to recognize Kosovo.

„Our answer is ready, I am waiting for them to show us the first country that will recognize them or sign that they want to join an international organization. On that day, they will receive several postcards from Belgrade and some other countries around the world, which will say who they recognize and who they do not recognize,“ the Serbian president concluded.



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