Vucic: Pristina behaves as if they are at war, they have to say something ill about us every day

„They have their internal problems, so they have to make things up“ – Vucic commented today on yesterday’s avalanche of criticism from Pristina against the Serbian President’s alleged war threat that if a compromise solution fails to be reached, a Nagorno Karabakh like conflict might occur in Kosovo.

Vucic declared his statement yesterday to be straight and forward.

„I spoke about the need to avoid a policy of frozen conflict. I said that the conflict in Nagorno Karabakh was also frozen, and it was suddenly thawed and that keeping the frozen conflict would mean that anyone in the future could lead us to disaster and conflict – which we do not need,“ Vucic said today.

Following the statement, in the President’s words, it was clear to everyone that Serbia wanted to reach peace.

Vucic further alerted that due to his statement, he was even blamed in Serbia for alleged betrayal of national interest.

„They have their reasons and their conflicts, which is why they have to convey something in a different way,“ he emphasized, adding that Serbia’s policy is to preserve the peace.

Speaking about the Pristina officials, Vucic said that they are the ones who are still behaving as if they are at war.

„It’s as if they have to say something bad about any of us every day. But it speaks more for them rather than us. It speaks of their aggravated position; and also, how when you falsify and make something up – one has no doubt in my words. I did not pronounce a single sentence yesterday, but provided a full explanation. It becomes clear that they have some other problems,“ he said today.

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What did the Serbian president actually say yesterday?

It would be better if a solution for Kosovo is reached sooner than later, otherwise, a conflict is possible – reads the crux of Vucic’s statement to the media on Thursday, immediately after he met with Quint in Belgrade.

„Many might think that the situation around Kosovo is better than it was before due to the internal situation in Kosovo, because it is not possible to expect stronger pressure on Serbia by December, January by the great Western powers. But I need to tell you today that the conflict in Nagorno Karabakh has shown how a frozen conflict, when thawed, can escalate into a real catastrophe.“

At the same time, he pointed out that the most important message is the message of peace, dialogue, and the desire for Belgrade to continue the dialogue with Pristina, as well as that the best solution can be achieved through dialogue – whereby conflict would be avoided.

„The most important message for us is the message of peace and the message of dialogue, the message of the desire to continue the dialogue with Pristina, and to understand that the best solution is the solution that we can and must achieve through dialogue. And it is better to achieve it earlier than later because otherwise, some kind of conflict can happen to us. We have to take care of the future of our children, we have to take care of Kosovo, and I am completely sure that people in Europe will understand that.“

He did point out that Serbia must continue to strengthen economically and in a military sense to save the country from potential aggression.



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