Vucic: Kurti is blowing smoke, if we withdraw the measures, Kosovo is as good as independent, I won’t agree to it

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Kurti is blowing smoke when saying that Kosovo’s offer for both sides to remove temporary license plates is still valid. What he is actually trying to say is that he will withdraw the measures once Serbia recognizes Kosovo’s independence, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic said today.

„Kurti is saying this to uninformed people. He is blowing smoke. I’ve met all kinds of smoke blowers and thimble-riggers. That is why I can recognize them a kilometer away,“ Vucic said in Budapest today.

He explained that Kurti’s goal is for Serbia to recognize Kosovo.

„I know what he is indicating. He is saying: everything is fine, we are calm, good, you just need to withdraw your measures. Let’s withdraw the measures that we are a sovereign state, and they are not a sovereign state. If we withdraw those measures, that would make Kosovo as good as independent, it would mean that Serbia has recognized an independent Kosovo. That is what Kurti is saying,“ Vucic stated.

In his words, it is astounding that some media outlets are talking about „Serbia’s actions.“

„And what action did Serbia take? Did Serbia send the army, the police, did Serbia attack someone? Has Serbia taken any unilateral action? Well, it didn’t, but it’s no use. Once you start lying, there is no end to it,“ Vucic added.

He also mentioned the case of the train decorated in Serbian Christian Orthodox symbols and flags, which, as he highlighted, was 30 km away from Kosovo when special armored vehicles intruded into the north because the said train represented „a terrible insult to Albanians.“

„They carried out the action, we did nothing and we were still deemed guilty” – he stressed, noting that everyone finds it easy to accuse Serbia because „everyone is bothered by a strong Serbia.“ Vucic also cited this as the reason behind „Pristina’s lies“.

You know, we are ready, as soon as Serbia withdraws the measures, we will do the same. Wait a minute, that is not the same thing, that’s the reason why we are engaged in talks. Because if we had recognized you (cf. Kosovo’s independence), there would be no need to talk to you,“ Vucic sent a message to Pristina.

The Serbian President once again underlined that he rejected Quint+EU’s proposal for resolving the new situation in the north because he “will not allow the humiliation of Serbia.“ He then presented his own solution to this issue.

„They can organize what they want, I won’t agree to things I don’t want to. There is only one possibility, for them to go back to the way it was before September 20th, and then we can talk about whatever they want. And they told us before – we will withdraw ROSU, and in the meantime, Vucic, come to talk, as they are removing the license plates or I don’t know what else – that won’t do,“ said Vucic.

„You (cf. Pristina) can do everything by force, and they said – if the Kosovo police were to call them, EULEX will also intervene, so I said, call NATO as well, call whoever you want, but you will not get Serbia’s consent.“

Vucic said that Pristina’s latest decision on the license plates is not in line with the Brussels agreement, emphasizing that nowhere in what was agreed does it say what Pristina is claiming.

They are interpreting the agreed-upon however it suits them – he added.

„We have fulfilled our obligations, and they did not do the most important thing,“ the president added, recalling that Pristina has yet to form the Association of Serb-majority Municipalities, although an agreement reached in Brussels explicitly states that this body must be formed.

„Is it a buffet – take only what you like. And now they are saying – we will call you – Saint Peter could be calling me, but the only solution is this, and I will not negotiate and talk about nonsense at all,“ the president concluded.

Vucic revealed that international officials are aware of the entire situation, alleging that it is in the interest of the most powerful forces for Kosovo to be independent and for them to force Serbia to participate in that.

„They know that we are right, for all the double standards they apply, they know how hypocritical they are when they talk about mutual guilt, and they speak of the actions of Serbia – which actions of Serbia?“ the president asked once again.

What did we do, did we enter Djakovica or Kacanik with our special forces?

According to Vucic, Pristina is deceiving the world and there is “no end to their lies“.

They will not collect the remains until Odalovic is dismissed

Today, Vucic also said that Pristina is still calling for Veljko Odalovic’s dismissal as the head of Serbia’s Commission on Missing Persons, adding that they will even go as far as to refuse to collect the remains of Albanians found on the territory of Serbia until Odalovic is dismissed.

„They say – we will not give bodies to the families of our dead – identified Albanians, because we do not like who is at the head of the Commission on Missing Persons in Serbia,“ the president said.

He concluded that he then realized he was dealing with “peculiar and irresponsible people.”

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