Vucic: Increase of wages and pensions for all people working within the Serbian system in Kosovo

Photo: Printscreen Tanjug

“We will do everything we can do to help” – the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic said today when asked about the difficult position and „level of durability“ of the Kosovo Serbs. Vucic also announced „a new increase of wages and pensions for all people working within the Serbian system in Kosovo.“

Haradinaj was questioned, Krasniqi was questioned, Haradinaj was banned from giving details to the public. Pristina media announce another ten invitations from the Hague on Friday. Will Serbs ever get justice? Pristina provocations know no end. Stanisic was arrested, Todorovic was beaten and arrested in Gjilane. The Serbs trust you implicitly. What is the level of durability? – a Most TV journalist asked the Serbian President.

„We, the Serbs, need to endure this,“ Vucic said, not commenting on specific cases the journalist mentioned.

„We have to hold on and understand that our tear has no parents, and it will not find them anywhere in the world,“ he poetically explained.

Vucic, however, sent a message to Kosovo Serbs that Serbia will help them. He also announced, as the first form of assistance, significantly increased wages and pensions for those employed in the Serbian system in Kosovo.

„We will increase the salaries and pensions again, you know how it is with the Kosovo extra salary payments. It will be a significant increase for Serbs in Kosovo. Our teachers, and our doctors, our medical staff, all people working in the Serbian system in Kosovo and Metohija will receive this significant increase and improvement of living standards,“ Vucic explained.

He claimed that there have not been “as many investments in Kosovo” for decades. Vucic mentioned specific examples of investments, such as Rajska Banja, Banjska, the water supply system, as well as the announced works in Gracanica, Strpce, „but also in other places throughout Kosovo“ – according to the president.

There will be even more investments – he stressed.

He underlined that people should know that „they are standing with them.“

„Our possibilities are limited, but we will use them to the fullest to help our people in every way,“ Vucic concluded.



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