Vucic: I told the truth, not that American television show, the Voice of America, or whatever it is

Vučić o broju preostalih Srba i prilogu VOA

„I saw how terribly worried the Americans have become. I guess they don’t want an ethnic partition either. Then the Voice of America said: Here we are in Caglavica, there are 150 Serbian houses. Do you know how many Serb houses there were? Do you know how many houses and apartments there were in Kosovo Polje? Do you know how many apartments there were in Bresje village?“ the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, commented on Sunday in a Voice of America segment on the number of Serbs in central Kosovo.

In an earlier address to the media, the Serbian President claimed that about 20 Serb houses remained in three places in central Kosovo. However, the Voice of America journalist visited all three places and counted a total number of 222 Serbian houses and apartments.

„I said the bare truth, the whole truth, not that American television show, the Voice of America, or whatever it is…“ the President said yesterday.

„He could have told you how many Serbs sold their houses in Caglavica. I’ll reveal this data soon, at what cost and in what way…“ he added.

While the VOA’s team was counting Serbs and showing that there are Serbs who remained south of the Ibar, Vucic said:

„The problem in Serbia is for someone to say what the truth is because Serbs do not like to hear the truth. We Serbs do not like to hear what the world is thinking, what is the truth, but we love to have our own cocoon and we love to hear what we say to ourselves the most.“

Vucic in 2013: Srbica and Glogovac without Serbs, VOA: Serbs from Srbica are seeking an apology

This, however, was not the first ‘mathematical’ disparity between Aleksandar Vucic and the VOA.

Serbs from the Municipality of Srbica sought an apology in 2013 from the former Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, because he said at that time that there were no Serbs in Srbica and Glogovac and that there were only of few of them there before the war, although more than 350 Serbs remained after the war.

“We are safe and sound and there are more than 300 of us. Aleksandar Vucic could come and see that we exist and how we live.”; “Serbs still live here. We remained here, even though we had to flee once. Our youth remained to guard the village. We returned when the army (KFOR) arrived and we have been living here normally.”; “He (Vucic) should come and see for himself that we exist and how many children there are,” said the Serbs from Banje village, located in the municipality of Srbica.

At the time, the Minister of Communities and Return Dalibor Jevtic and Mayor of Srbica Sami Lushtaku visited these Serbs.

„I am not surprised that, from time to time, top officials from Belgrade say something that is not in line with the reality in the field. Certainly, you are also the witnesses that Serbs live here. This visit today is also intended for all media representatives so that you can notify and inform President Vucic that Serbs live here and that is a good thing,“ said Jevtic in 2013.



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