Vucic: Serbia to launch „other mechanisms“ 90 days after the introduction of the taxes

Vučić Pink
Foto: Printscreen, Youtube, Pink

The Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic spoke about possible violence against Kosovo Serbs again during his guest appearance on TV Pink yesterday. Vucic also assessed when and how the taxes would be abolished and announced that Serbia would launch „other mechanisms“ – 90 days after the introduction of the taxes.

While speaking about the taxes and „all measures“ introduced by Pristina, Vucic shared his concern that Pristina could also „take some other steps“.

He explained that he is scared that Pristina may „start some kind of violence against the Serbian people,“ adding that the reason he wants to continue with the dialogue is because “it is difficult to expect conflicts while the debates and discussions are happening.”

Speaking of the possibility of abolishing the taxes, Vucic assessed that it would happen at some point, however, he expressed doubt that „it will happen right away.“

„It is important for us that taxes are abolished. As a state, we have had a loss of 40 million euros, which is a significant and great loss to us. We will also start other mechanisms when 90 days have passed since the introduction of the taxes and these are the things that are at our disposal, both with CEFTA and the European Union,“ he underlined.

Vucic then compared himself to former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, confidently concluding that he is “more powerful”:

„The power that I have, and among the people as well, is greater than Milosevic’s has ever been. The power we have as an army is at least twice as high than we had before – not counting the population.“

The Serbian President emphasized that he does not want to meet and talk to the opposition in Serbia – the Alliance for Serbia (Savez za Srbiju) because he is “not interested in it.”

„When you ask them today how they will solve the Kosovo issue, since these fascists and these thieves cannot agree, they cannot by any means agree on that – we are avoiding this topic, we are only against Vucic and against any solution which Vucic could reach,“ he stated.

Jeremic: The international community will realize that Vucic lied to them

On the other hand, the head of the People’s Party and the chairman of the Alliance for Serbia, Vuk Jeremic estimated during a recent guest appearance on TV N1 that the international community would make a last attempt to „force Vucic“ to sign the so-called comprehensive agreement in the upcoming months. Jeremic underlined that he „does not believe“ that it will come to this, because the international community will realize that “Vucic lied to them and that no agreement can be reached with such people.”

He announced that the Alliance for Serbia is ready to engage in dialogue with Pristina in order to find concrete solutions and reach an agreement. Jeremic, however, added that “they are not ready to sign an act that would allow Kosovo to become a member of the UN.”

Vucic received a letter from Putin

The Serbian President also welcomed the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Serbia, Alexander Chepurin, who gave him a letter from the Russian President, Vladimir Putin congratulating Vucic on Serbia’s upcoming Statehood Day.

Ambassador Chepurin reiterated Russia’s position on the Kosovo issue and pointed out that the introduction of taxes on Serbian products was an irresponsible step of Pristina which jeopardized the dialogue and, above all, the Kosovo Serbs.



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