Vucic: Aleksandar Vucic is the strongest point of resistance against an independent Kosovo without compromise

Photo: TV Pink, printscreen

Serbia’s internal state – primarily when it comes to the opposition, is the result of foreign services’ attempts to complicate Serbia’s position on the issue of negotiations – the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic said last night on the Hit Tvit talk-show on Pink TV.

During his guest appearance on Pink TV, Vucic commented on the opposition in Serbia at length. He assessed the attacks of the opposition and the „boycott stories“ as a form of internal pressure coming from “those who do not want a strong Serbia.”

“Some of our monasteries have been kept by foreign agents since the 1900s”

“The bottom line is that someone wanted to complicate our position in the Kosovo talks and this was used by an external factor with the aim of Serbia not having strong leadership. Different foreign sources are involved,“ the president explained.

Such practice „wasn’t born yesterday“ – he said, citing as an example the Austro-Hungarian archives according to which „some of our monasteries have been kept by foreign agents since the 1900s“.

„There are always foreign interests and they do not always want the strongest state of Serbia, especially if they strive for an independent Kosovo. They also have their own internal factors they use and continually work on weakening your strength and power so that you cannot protect the country,“ the Serbian head of state stressed.

The combination of strong external and internal pressures on our country

President Vucic also spoke about the pressures of foreign services yesterday before the session of the SNS Main Board. He told the party members that a difficult autumn and winter awaits Serbia, during which pressure would be placed on Serbia to recognize Kosovo „without compromise“.

„There will be great pressures on our country, combined with internal pressures – of course, through all their services as it is done everywhere in the world, in any way possible,“ he noted.

Aleksandar Vucic is the strongest point of resistance against an independent Kosovo without compromise – the president claimed.

Proud and happy about his relationship with Putin and Macron

According to the president, however, not all foreign influences are detrimental. Vucic revealed that he prides himself on his relationship with Russian President, Vladimir Putin, whose personal habits he “knows well” – such as that it is easier to meet with Putin at 11 in the evening than at 9 in the morning.

Vucic also said that he is happy with his relationship with French President, Emmanuel Macron.

„When I was with him at the Federal Palace – we were an hour and a half late for everything. The two of us sat on the carpet, looking at maps, looking at charts, analyzing together and so on. Do you know how many of the world’s leaders would look into this and make an effort with so much energy and ambition,“ the president revealed a detail from Macron’s recent visit to Serbia, which, according to him, illustrates Macron’s commitment to global politics.

Palmer is serious and responsible

Speaking about the appointment of Matthew Palmer as US Special Representative for the Balkans, Vucic said that he is a serious and responsible man. He also emphasized that Palmer will carry out US policy “vigorously, sometimes brutally.”



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