Vucic: 248 trucks with Serb goods sent to Kosovo, we are helping everyone

In the past few days, we have sent a total of 248 trucks with our goods to the territory of Kosovo, and there is no shortage of any products, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic said from Novi Pazar today, where he presented medical equipment and respirators to a local hospital.

Vucic said that he is pleased that Albanians are procuring „our products“.

„We sent everything we needed to and there are no major problems,“ he added.

Speaking about coronavirus patients from the territory of Kosovo, Vucic emphasized that patients in a more serious condition are transported to regional hospital centers.

„We place patients (from Kosovo) in a serious condition in Nis and Kragujevac and Belgrade. We are trying to help,“ Vucic stressed.

He also emphasized that eight Albanians who had no Serbian documents were transferred from Novi Pazar to Belgrade.

„We transported eight Albanians from Novi Pazar to Belgrade who did not have any documents of the Republic of Serbia. But they were here and in a bad condition due to coronavirus infection. We did not ask for their documents, and at the moment, they are under the care of the Serbian health system,“ Vucic said.

The Serbian President underlined that he is trying to help everyone, warning that we have “yet to pay” for the fact that 400,000 citizens from abroad have entered the country.

„You can count that we will pay for everything that happened between March 10 and 16 because simply, we couldn’t control the 400,000 people who came in [the country]. And this is a unique case and this has not happened to anyone else in the region. It happened, to a much smaller extent, in Romania, which is a much larger country.“

However, he also added that people are not to be blamed.

„I would just say again, being sick is not shameful. The fact that I have heart disease is not shameful. It would be shameful if I were lazy or a thief. While being ill is nothing to be ashamed about. The disease is there to be treated. I ask people to report it, I saw people moving around Novi Pazar.“

Serbia will continue to help, he said.

„We will do everything we can do in such relatively difficult conditions, we are really trying,“ President Aleksandar Vucic concluded.



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