Von Cramon: It’s important to show that K.Serbs are an integral part of Kosovo; We cannot compare Moscow and Belgrade


It is in the interest of the European Union to see that the rights of Kosovo Serbs are respected and that they are not discriminated against because they are an integral part of Kosovo, European Parliament rapporteur, Viola von Cramon, told KoSSev from North Mitrovica today. Von Cramon also rejected attempts to draw a parallel between the situation in Ukraine and Kosovo. “I think you cannot even start to compare the situations in Moscow and Belgrade. And I made that very clear,“ she added.

On the second day of her Kosovo tour, the European rapporteur for Kosovo, Viola von Cramon, visited North Mitrovica, where she met with civil society representatives, but not with the mayor – despite several attempts to do so.

“I think it is important to show that the Kosovo Serbs are an integral part of Kosovo. It is in our interest of the European Union and the European Parliament to see that their rights are respected, that they are not discriminated in terms of access to infrastructure, services, language-wise and so on,“ she said.

Von Cramon added that she would like to see a more self-determined Serbian community – one that would clearly speak about its objectives, but also its problems.

„And of course we would like to see a self-confident but also self-determined Serbian citizens, that is, the Serbian population. And I would like to hear more from you, where do they see the parliament could support them more, what the main problems, the main objectives and how we can help to integrate them better and more fully integrate into structures of the Republic of Kosovo.“

We cannot compare the situations in Moscow and Belgrade

Commenting on the intensified messages from Pristina, in which a parallel is drawn between Kosovo and Ukraine, while harsh accusations are made against Serbia, Von Cramon told Kosovo leaders that while she understands the people in the region who faced the war, not all rhetoric is „helpful.“ She underlined that it is important for both sides to be responsible and that „there are no provocations“.

„I understand that the people who faced the war in this region are extremely traumatized society and I fully share the concern of everyone who has lived through these difficult times and there is a constant fear of everyone who is or was in a war situation that it could be repeated. On the other hand, I was rejecting all attempts to draw a parallel line between what is happening in Ukraine and the situation here. I think you cannot even start to compare the situations in Moscow and Belgrade. And I made that very clear.“

„I made sure that I would be understood,“ she stressed.

My support for the resolution was about condemning the invasion of Ukraine

Von Cramon attended the vote on the resolution on Ukraine in the Kosovo Assembly yesterday, which she later welcomed.

She, however, was not aware that the majority of the text of the resolution concerned Kosovo itself and a series of accusations against Serbia, with a detailed reminder of the figures on war crimes, that is, on the „genocide committed by Serbia in 1999,” which, as Pristina claims, Serbia has not been sanctioned for anything for years.

Von Cramon clarified that her support was related to Kosovo’s condemnation of the invasion of Ukraine and sympathy with the Ukrainian people.

„No, I have not gone through the resolution, it is not my resolution, I did not draft or sign it, it is not something I would be kept accountable on. But you’re right, I haven’t gone through the text. Countries who have an interest in aligning with the EU position, this is very important for them,“ she said.

„For me, working in Ukraine since ’96, I do really suffer, I see that my friends are dying, I get emergency SOS calls, I am really under big pressure and I see that all, even symbolic acts, of solidarity with the people of Ukraine are fine,“ she said.

Governments responsible for accurately informing the public

Finally, von Cramon commented on the intensified propaganda and unverified and fake news, again calling on governments to take responsibility when it comes to informing the public.

„Fake news is really dangerous, on all sides. There is a certain responsibility on the governments to make sure that they really work with, let’s say, clear data and facts,“ the European rapporteur pointed out.

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