UNS and DNKiM: Organizers of conferences in Kosovo should be sanctioned for not providing Serbian translation

Mediji novinari novinar snimanje, kamera

The Journalists Association of Serbia (UNS) and its Kosovo branch – the Association of Journalists of Kosovo and Metohija (DNKiM) protested over the fact that Serbian interpretation was not provided at a conference organized by the Kosovo Agency for Gender Equality today marking International Women’s Day -March 8th.

At today’s conference, where Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti also gave a speech, translation was provided in Albanian and English. For the umpteenth time, Serbian translation was not provided for journalists from media outlets that report in the Serbian language.

After a journalist from the Media Center in Caglavica asked for an explanation as to why there was no translation into Serbian, the legislation officer at the Agency for Gender Equality, Nasera Ajetija, replied that the translation was not provided because they hadn’t received any confirmation regarding the attendance of journalists from Serbian newsrooms.

In the invitation that the Media Center forwarded to the UNS, which was sent to this media outlet by this Agency a few days ago, it was not specified that the media were required to confirm the presence of their journalists. Media Center journalist Sanja Djokic sent a complaint to the language commissioner of Kosovo, Slavisa Mladenovic.

„UNS and DNKiM demand that the law is respected and that the right to equal use of the Serbian language and letter in Kosovo and Metohija is obeyed, and demand that those responsible for this oversight are sanctioned,“ UNS said in their statement.

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